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I have toys shaped like penises. I have toys shaped like rabbits, toys shaped like teddy bears and toys shaped like various cosmetics. What my nightstand was lacking was a toy shaped like a misshapen tooth with a virtual canyon in the middle, the likes of which no clitoris could ever reach. That’s what drew me to the Jimmy Jane Form 5.

Of course, I was already drawn to Jimmy Jane. Their high-end, rechargeable toys have been in serious demand practically since their debut. I was so excited and honored when I received a few of my very own that I made my dog pose with them.


I tried The Usual Suspects Iconic Wand Petite first, because it seemed the least exciting. It was actually really exciting. For some reason, I tend to savor my favorite sex toys, delaying usage until the time is perfectly right, as if I’m only getting one chance. As if I’m not going to bring it out again the next day. And a week from Tuesday. And five times in between.

If you know me–and at this point, you should–you know I’m a sucker for a rechargeable clitoral vibrator. The Form 2 (think bunny ears) and Form 3 (think tongue) held immediate appeal, but with its unique shape, it was the Form 5 that really spoke to me. Here is what it said:

  • I will do things to you that haven’t been done.
  • I will do them well, because I am Jimmy Jane.
  • I will look awesome while doing them, and should be displayed as art during periods of rest.

I’ve been seduced by less. Alas, when I finally deemed the night was right, I found my Form 5 was not charged. Once fully charged, the toy packs a solid four hours, so this isn’t a situation I’ll encounter frequently and it was 100% my bad.  I set him up in sex toy charging central (my husband’s closet) and found another way to occupy myself.


The following night again felt right. Once we began, it felt super-right. Maybe righter than I’d even imagined. At the top of the Form 5 sit two thin, supple “wings” made for fluttering right on your labia. The subtle mound in between is primarily intended for clitoral stimulation. But, of course, a “wing” “fluttering” on your clit is never a bad thing, and is in fact the sole talent of quite a few toys.

Had it been the sole talent of this toy, I would have gone to sleep a satisfied reviewer. I fluttered it up, I fluttered it down, I fluttered it side to side and all around. I expected a fun tease from the Form 5’s wings, but the thin silicone was actually substantial enough to provide perfect clitoral pressure on its own.

I might’ve stayed there, but awaiting me was that mound. That sunken treasure of a mound. That heap of gold hidden between the latches of a pirate’s chest which is in itself sexy because pirates are sexy. That hidden pearl, that merman’s crown, that undersea sand castle of lust.

I feel like I may be uncovering an oceanic fetish that I should visit at a later date.

I spread the wings, found the mound, and indeed experienced full vaginal stimulation. The labia, so often neglected because who honestly cares once you’ve reached the clit, received some well deserved pats on the back. The clitoris was of course also well taken care of. #marshamarshamarsha

As if dual clitoral usage and labia inclusion weren’t enough, the Form 5 was also designed to stimulate a penis. You heard me–a real, human PENIS. So, I called on Rafael.


I had to rouse Raf from sleep, but he flashed me his drowsy smile and quickly acquiesced. I laid him in Form 5’s bed and he emitted a few “oohs,” rolled over several times, inched gently back and forth, and fell asleep once again. He’s not much of a talker, so I can only trust he had a good time.

In conclusion, the Form 5 is a true multi-purpose tool, and an outstanding one at that. While understated here in favor of copious sea metaphors, it’s one of the few toys that succeeds in pleasing both sexes. It’s possible I’m inventing facts, but exactly zero men have been unhappy when their partner has brought a Form 5 to bed. I will bring it out again tomorrow, a week from Tuesday, and probably five times in between. Jimmy Jane, I loved you before we met, and with every toy I love you more.

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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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