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Do you guys remember when there was basically one company manufacturing powerful, rechargeable toys with high-end materials? These days, the awesome options are so plentiful, I find myself in the somewhat embarrassing position of admitting in two consecutive Taboo Toy Reviews that I took pleasure in rubbing my vibrator on my face.

I wasn’t exaggerating when I claimed that Tantus toys are constructed of some of the softest silicone I’ve encountered, but Tenga’s Iroha Minamo also features impossibly smooth (dare I say “velvety?”) silicone. Its firm core is interestingly flexible in the middle but not so much near the tip, an attribute that reinforces its claim to perfectly fit the female form. Perhaps my favorite feature is what differentiates it from its sister toy, the Iroha Mikazuki–two cushy hills that provide a fun bit of texture and extra stimulation. The Minamo and Mikazuki both boast an anti-dust coating, as if anyone’s going to let these toys gather dust.

If you’re already familiar with the Iroha family of toys, it’s probably because of the Iroha Mini, a two-toned teardrop that brings to mind candy corn. The first time I saw it, I assumed it was a brand new innovation, a unlikely concept I’d yet to encounter, and I quickly sought education via you tube. What the promo video taught me was that I could make the Iroha Mini dance with its friends, paint my nails to match it, and make believe it was a fish. While I was a little disappointed to deduce it was just a clitoral stimulator, I was still hella sold.

iroha mini

I’m going to straight up cut and paste Iroha’s brand concept from its site because I find it seriously delightful:

Just as we eat right, sleep well and take care of our bodies,

self-care is something that is important to all of us.

We believe the pleasure that our bodies seek,

is also something we should value this way.

That’s awesome marketing. And probably a Japanese to English translation gone wrong. But isn’t it also completely true? It reminds me of the speech I get every time I redeem a Massage Envy gift card. Vulnerable in the afterglow of my massage, a representative approaches me with her recommendation for my regular massage schedule like a doctor prescribing medicine or a personal trainer suggesting a daily routine, or, I don’t know, a sex toy manufacturer trying to convince me that regular use of its product is something my body wants–nay, NEEDS. While I don’t have the time for a monthly massage and the gym is about my 400th favorite place to be, I can definitely get behind sexual self-care. I will masturbate ALL DAY if that is what my body seeks.

The Minamo and Mizazuki are Iroha’s first toys designed for penetration. In their words, they’re “recommended for those who want to take their sense of touch one step further and delve deeper into sensual bliss.” So, ladies who are relatively new to foreign object penetration. The Mikazuki lacks Minamo’s ridges and is slightly thinner, but their shapes similarly are “made to adapt to female erogenous zones.”

Adapt, Minamo does. It’s almost disappointing how well she adapts. I have to lift my hips and crank my wrist to achieve g-spot stimulation and the top half of the toy is narrow enough that I don’t feel much at the point of entry. But the Minamo wasn’t really designed for me. She was designed for toy newbies, and I have no doubt she’d be the perfect first toy.

Of course, I can adapt as well, and I quickly found a way to fit Iroha Minamo into my personal top ten. Her vibrations are deeply powerful and silent, and they resonate all the way to her tip. Throw in her peaks and valleys, and she’s an interesting and exceptional clitoral stimulator.

The Minamo provides three levels of vibration and a pulsation mode. Two buttons allow the user to cycle forwards or backwards (an atypical attribute) through all four. Two hours worth of charging keeps her going for 90 minutes. She’s waterproof and carries a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Also, she comes in what looks like a sunglasses case, and it doubles as her charging base. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.


If you’re only a little bit into penetration and you’re looking to invest in a quality toy, please pick up the Minamo. I’m almost begging you, I’m so sure you’ll love it. At the very least, stop by Taboo and rub one on your face. If you’re not new to toys, you’re still likely to enjoy this one. I actually finished with fireworks with her in penetration position, because our partner, the Bodywand Aqua Mini is ill-equipt for that role and he was NOT trying to sit on the bench.

There’s basically no way to not enjoy this toy. She’s soft, she’s rechargeable, she’s waterproof, she has ridges, her buttons are easy to use, and she lives in a sunglasses case, for goodness sake. If you believe the pleasure that your body seeks, please value it this way. Self-care is important to all of us. Take the Minamo three times daily and call Taboo in the morning.

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