Camming Confidential Part 1 – With Bill The Hobbyist


Cam Girl – Karlee Rae

With reviewing porn and working on other write-ups, I’ve never had much time to jump on the cam sites and check them out the way I wish I could. Well, for several reasons I made the time and saw a world out there that is very different compared to other aspects of the adult industry.


Cam Girl – Hailey Morgan

One of the key factors that drove me to finding the time was seeing tweets from girls who cam. Many seem to bitch that their day on cam sucked, they made no money and go on to blame it on either the cam site or the guys that were in their chat rooms being cheap free-loaders. Yes, there are plenty of free-loaders, but at the same time, there are plenty of active tippers with tokens in the rooms too. If these guys aren’t tipping a certain girl, but are tipping other girls, then it’s not the site’s or guys who have the tokens faults at all. Maybe it just might be the show or session that the cam girl is putting on and they need to realize that they can only blame themselves most of the time if they had a shitty day.


Cam Girl – Kitty Mossberg

Now, not every cam girl is out there bitching or not making money. Many are, and some of these girls are making some pretty damn good money. What exactly are they doing right? I am not going to spend time here with just my perspective, but in future articles in this series, I will be having them personally share with you all that they do in making it fun and successful for them. I’ll be introducing you to six exciting and strong cam girls, Cali Carter, Kat Von Sexie, Jade Sparks, Kitty Mossberg, Hailey Morgan and Karlee Rae. I have seen these young ladies perform and know that each of them are doing things right in gaining followers, getting tips and building their cam business.


Cam Girl – Jade Sparks

During my series, as you can see from some of my opening comments, I will be blunt and as always will shoot from the hip. My goals and objectives as I checked out and took an in-depth look at the camming world were not to evaluate cam sites, so you will see no mention in regards to that, but instead I will focus on a few strong cam girls and also involve customer feedback on what they look for and what makes them tip.


Cam Girl – Kat Von Sexie

In the beginning as I looked at the girls, they did not know who I was or that I was doing research for an article to be written. I basically set my cam account up on each of the sites under an alias name and only told them who I was after watching them many times without them knowing. So at first, I got signed up, bought a fist full of tokens on different sites and headed into an adventure that was at times very exciting and fun. There were also other times that all I could do was shake my head in wonder, also. OK, and yes, I busted a few nuts along the way too, but isn’t that what watching cam girls is all about?


Cam Girl – Cali Carter

At times I saw some amazing stuff and great performances, but at other times I saw things that just made me laugh my ass off. Just when I thought I had seen it all in the scenes I have reviewed on DVDs, bam, here comes stuff that was a first for me. I saw things like a girl going to town with a dildo when all of a sudden, her period starts with a strong flow all over the place. I saw a cam girl’s hubby jump on the cam and start yelling and threatening people if they didn’t start tipping (gee, that will surely make you wanna tip even more, right?). There was one girl that was so drunk that she started puking all over the place and even hit the cam. Sometimes reading the guy’s comments in the open chat rooms had me laughing so hard that it was more entertaining than watching the girl. That is just a few of the things I saw, but stay tuned because I will be sharing more!


Cam Girl – Karlee Rae

So join me in my series of upcoming articles that will not only go into more detail about the world of camming, but will allow you to hear directly from cam girls Cali Carter, Kat Von Sexie, Jade Sparks, Kitty Mossberg, Hailey Morgan and Karlee Rae as they share with you an in-depth look at their camming business. Plus, you’ll hear from cam customers and of course more of my thoughts and opinions. Regardless if you are already a cam girl, a cam customer or are considering starting to watch cams, there will be some great stuff for everyone to follow.


Until next time, I’m off to buy some more tokens and see who can make me skeet skeet next!

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