Album Review: Affiance ‘Blackout’


Cleveland’s Affiance released their latest offering “Blackout” on September 23, 2014. From the opening notes and machine gun like drumming of their latest single “Fire!,” Affiance hits hard and doesn’t bother to back off. Their drummer Patrick Galente plays like a machine. Listen to this album loud enough (it’s metal; why would you listen to it quiet in the first place?) and you will feel the rhythmic apocalypse in your chest. Especially on a track like “Death Cycle.” The bass provided by Eric Thomas will make your bones rattle. Listen for the drops in the tracks “Darkest” and “Monuments Fail.” Your ears will thank you. The guitar work by Dominic Dickinson and Brett Wondrak is nothing short of face melting. Check out “In Justice” to see what I mean. Dennis Tvrdik’s vocals are the definition of epic. This dude has pipes. Any song on here is a good example of that, though “No Peace” shows his range well.

In short, Affiance is a band that will help bring metal back to life and make it relevant again. “Blackout” is going to kick your ass and won’t bother to take your name.


Track Listing

1. Fire!

2. Blackout

3. Limitless

4. Darkest

5. Monuments Fail

6. In Justice

7. Brothers

8. Death Cycle

9. No Peace

10. Midnight




Affiance – Fire!


Affiance – Monuments Fail

Monuments Fail

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