Album Review: Amaranthe ‘Massive Addictive’


Of all the music I listen to, pop-rock power metal isn’t on my list. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed! So the question is, (especially to a new listener of the genre and band) can they pull off a decent album? Or will it just be a clusterfuck of noise? The answer, I think, will surprise you all.

I knew I was in for something a little unusual when the first 30 seconds begins with what sounds like an introduction to some kind of trippy carnival! Lots of noises I couldn’t quite describe, but it surprisingly fit. It also didn’t end there.

The first song ‘Dynamite’ is a wonderful catchy anthem (a word that best describes most of their songs) with a sexy little guitar solo thrown in between the perfect timing of the three different vocal styles. Then, just 4 tracks later, the aptly titled ‘Digital World’ throws us a curveball by introducing techno and trance into their sound. Just when you start to get your groove on, you are slapped in the face with some pure dirty metal with ‘Danger Zone,’ only to be finished off with the dance tune ‘Unreal.’ Pure insanity. So much so, just reading all that back leads me to the conclusion that this album shouldn’t make any sense…at all, but it’s so well constructed that they pull it off perfectly.

I will admit that, at first, the metalhead in me just wanted to hear 12 tracks sang by the very awesome Henrik Englund, but just look past that (like I did), and you begin to appreciate the balance the softer pop-rock vocals give to the all-around vibe of this masterpiece.

I could take the cheap route and say they sound like a Nightwish / Killswitch Engage hybrid, but they deserve much more credit than that. An original band in a strange and wonderful genre, who definitely know how to craft a song, and, an entire album.
01. Dynamite
02. Drop Dead Cynical
03. Trinity
04. Massive Addictive
05. Digital World
06. True
07. Unreal
08. Over and Done
09. Danger Zone
10. Skyline
11. An Ordinary Abnormality
12. Exhale

Spotify exclusive bonus
13. 1.000.000 Light Years (Live)


Amaranthe – Drop Dead Cynical

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