Bullet For My Valentine released their fifth studio album, “Venom” on the 14th August. It is the first album featuring Jamie Mathias (Revoker) on bass.

This was promised to be the heaviest album BFMV have produced, but I’m not sure. It’s full of fan-friendly rock. One reviewer apparently said that fans would be hard pressed to find a “sing-a-long” track, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The tracks are lyric heavy, and full of inviting, soaring notes.

Not to say that this is the best the band have ever done, in fact it’s rather mediocre. Sure there are some fun hooks, which there always are with BFMV, but it’s hard to pick out stand out songs. I guess the reviewer was right here. I spend a lot of time whilst listening, hoping for much longer breakdowns; there is some missed opportunity to really take some of these songs so much further, displaying the real thrash talent that these guys have.

However, if you are an old school metal fan – and not elitist – then you will enjoy it. The sounds of Maiden and Priest bleed through nicely, ever with that modern hardcore Welsh sound. “Skin” is a real treat for the ears, so even if you don’t think much of the rest, or aren’t keen to try, this track will be a pleasant surprise. And you know what? Carry on listening after that track, because the one after it, “Hell or High Water” is almost as good.
Other highlights include “In Loving Memory”, and the album ends in particularly satisfying fashion with the metal anthem “Raising Hell”, both found on the deluxe version of the album.

Album Art

Track Listing

  1. “V”
  2. “No Way Out”
  3. “Army of Noise”
  4. “Worthless”
  5. “You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)”
  6. “Broken”
  7. “Venom”
  8. “The Harder the Heart (The Harder it Breaks)”
  9. “Skin”
  10. “Hell or High Water”
  11. “Pariah”
  12. “Playing God”
  13. “Run for Your Life”
  14. “In Loving Memory”
  15. “Raising Hell”






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