Butcher Babies’ second album, “Take It Like A Man” was released on the 21st August, and sees the band embracing their catchy thrash metal roots.

This record starts off straight away into the single “Monster’s Ball”. It’s a rip-roaring crowd pleaser with a ridiculously fun relationship between the percussion and vocals. I fully expect to hear this in the club next Saturday. I haven’t been for a while, and it is payday after all.

Many tracks on this album, such as “Igniter”, “The Butcher” and “Dead Man Walking” are significantly influenced by the bands closely associated with Butcher Babies. The guitarist is formerly of Amen, and the drummer was in Scars of Tomorrow. It’s not a bad thing, as these guys do it so well. Other sounds from artists such as Slipknot and Mudvayne are definitely in here too. If you’re a fan of thrash, metalcore, groove metal, all of that, and you remember the late 90s to mid 2000s, you need this. It’s a great homage, and I can only hope this style will continue.

The instrumentation is sublime, and the vocals are delivered with emotion and confidence. We all know that metal is a man’s world, and taking influence from the females who have broken the trend in the past, Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey can stand shoulder to shoulder with them. After Harvey stating that the album title has nothing to do with gender – rather that it’s about pushing through life’s barriers – I can see that these guys are together, creating great music, simply because it’s what they want to do, and they’re damn good at it. After reading up a little more, I have decided that Carla Harvey is now a personal hero of mine.
Stand out songs include; “Monster’s Ball”, “The Butcher”, “Gravemaker”, “Blood Soaked Hero”, and the re recorded to the point of perfection “Blonde Girls All Look The Same”.


Track Listing

  1. “Monsters Ball”
  2. “Igniter”
  3. “The Cleansing”
  4. “The Butcher”
  5. “Gravemaker”
  6. “Thrown Away”
  7. “Never Go Back”
  8. “Marquee”
  9. “Blood Soaked Hero”
  10. “Dead Man Walking”
  11. “For The Fight”
  12. “Blonde Girls All Look The Same”






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