Album Review: Death Angel ‘The Dream Calls For Blood’


With more than enough punch-packing metal to split your skull and tangle your long metal locks from too much head banging (if there is such a thing as too much…), Death Angel is a band who will forever be thrashing and never disappointing. True-to-form, their upcoming and highly-anticipated release The Dream Calls For Blood is going to blow you the fuck away. It’s everything a thrash metal album should be and may very well transport you to a sweat dripping, whiskey-laden mosh pit from the second the sound hits your ears. It was hard to listen past the title track but that is only because the first four songs are so damn good I just wanted to listen to them on repeat.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll know what a stickler I am for articulate, meaningful lyrics. In that arena, The Dream Calls For Blood never fails. Not only are the songs chock-full of extremely well written lyrics, but their lead singer Mark Osegueda belts them out with a passion, conviction and clarity that is almost unheard of. Rob Cavestany and Ted Agulair shred the ever-living everything out of their guitars, they’re like real life versions of Toki and Skwisgarr from Dethklok. Will Carroll pounds away at his drum kit so hard it’s safe to say he has legs of steel and Damien Sission shows his bass no mercy. The instruments grind and pound away at such a fantastic rate, the album should come with a disclaimer warning that your clothes may be reduced to thread bare scraps and your girlfriend’s panties are sure to disintegrate.

There are many times when I’ve heard a great metal song run way longer than it needed to and songs that could have been broken up into two perfectly worthwhile tracks. But have no fear! With TDCFB, each track is its own perfect, concise package while still being a cohesive part of the album as a whole. The songs don’t run on and on and slowly trail off, they’re well rounded and to the point.

My favorite tracks have to be Son Of The Morning, The Dream Calls For Blood, Succubus and Detonate.

Death Angel 'The Dream Calls For Blood'

Track Listing
1. Left for Dead
2. Son of the Morning
3. Fallen
4. The Dream Calls for Blood
5. Succubus
6. Execution – Don’t Save Me
7. Caster of Shame
8. Detonate
9. Empty
10. Territorial Instinct – Bloodlust
11. Heaven and Hell (Bonus Track)


Death Angel – The Dream Calls for Blood
The Dream Calls for Blood

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