Album Review: Demon Hunter ‘Extremist’

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Reviwing Demon Hunter’s latest album “Extremist” is a little weird when you think about it. I review porn DVDs, then review an album by a Christian metal band? Just saying, is all. I was first exposed to Demon Hunter back around 2004. My little sister was trying to save my soul and convert me back to Christianity by using music. Now, I have to admit I haven’t listened to them really since. I generally avoid Christian music like the plague. So, I can’t compare this release to previous efforts. I will judge this based on its own merit. That being said, this is a damn fine album. The lyrics don’t seem preachy, there are some references but it’s not really ‘in your face,’ lyrically. Musically, it will rip your face off. Timothy “Yogi” Watts is one hell of a drummer. Impressive only scratches the surface. The lead guitar work of Patrick Judge is simply amazing. The rhythm section of Jeremiah Scott and Jon Dunn on rhythm guitar and bass keep the whole thing chugging along. This is one tight group. Ryan Clark’s vocals are great. Ranging from a balls out screaming to a hauntingly melancholy singing, sometimes within the same song, like “One Last Song” or “Gasoline”. The track “Hell Don’t Need Me” is more on the mellow side, it’s a bit somber and you know it has a personal story behind it. The album starts with the track “Death.” It begins with some chanting of some sort. When the music breaks, you know the pit erupts. This would be a perfect live set opener. It will definitely get the crowd moving. “Cross To Bear” is probably my favorite track on this album. It’s a good unrelenting rocker. If you are not afraid to open your mind and give a Christian band a try, give this a listen. It’s actually good stuff.

Track Listing

1. Death

2. Artificial Light

3. What I’m Not

4. The Last One Alive

5. I will Fail You

6. One Last Song

7. Cross To Bear

8. Hell Don’t Need Me

9. In Time

10. Beyond Me

11. Gasoline

12. The Heart of a Graveyard




Demon Hunter – Death

Demon Hunter – Cross To Bear

Cross To Bear

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