Immortalized is set for release on the 21st August, but has been available on iTunes First Play since the 14th. It is the first release of new material from Disturbed in exactly five years.


Wow, this record starts off with a bang! After an intro full of metal riff and attitude, we are greeted by the stunning anthems of ‘Immortalized’ and ‘The Vengeful One’. Both have plenty going on, and give more than enough opportunity for raising arms and screaming chants. ‘The Vengeful One’ was the album’s first single, and was teased on the band’s website with images of their mascot, “The Guy”, awakening from a coma, symbolising the band’s return. The artwork, videos, as well as the music style prove that Disturbed are back, bigger and better.


Alternative music of all kinds is so heavily consumed by the fans, and artists are put under pressure to make more and more. For bands like Disturbed and System of a Down, with the fanbases they have, they cannot afford to jump in too quick to something they are not ready for. But believe me, from the sounds of it, Disturbed had been ready for this for a while. David Draiman’s vocals are as stunning as ever, and are complemented throughout by trademark drumming style and guitar riffs.


As the album goes on, some of the impact falls a little, but stand out songs in the middle include ‘Fire It Up’ – a dedication to marijuana – and ‘Save Our Last Goodbye’ – another dedication, but this time a more serious one. It’s dedicated to the guitarist Dan Donegan’s close friend who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last year. The song features the friend’s voice from a voicemail message, and it reminds me of how fortunate we are to be able to capture and keep moments like that. Disturbed have saved that message forever, or rather Immortalized the sender.


Another interesting track on the album is the band’s version of ‘Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel. It’s a vocally driven song anyway, and Draiman strips his voice right back for it. It works. I’m unsure about the strings that come in towards the end though. However, we all know that Disturbed can cover songs well, and I really like it.
With the exception of heavier sounds early on, this album is unmistakably Disturbed, and that’s no bad thing. If you’re a fan, you will love this record.


Track Listing

  1. “The Eye of the Storm”
  2. “Immortalized”
  3. “The Vengeful One”
  4. “Open Your Eyes”
  5. “The Light”
  6. “What Are You Waiting For?”
  7. “You’re Mine”
  8. “Who”
  9. “Save Our Last Goodbye”
  10. “Fire It Up”
  11. “Sound of Silence”
  12. “Never Wrong”
  13. “Who Taught You How To Hate?”
  14. “Tyrant”
  15. “Legion of Monsters”
  16. “The Brave and the Bold”







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