Album Review: Escape The Fate ‘Ungrateful’


By walking the fine line between screaming emo, thrash metal and sounds akin to New Found Glory and Armor For Sleep, Escape The Fate’s latest release, Ungrateful, is, in my opinion, one of the best emo albums I’ve heard all year. It’s hard to present a unique sound these days, no matter what genre you find yourself in. However, Escape The Fate has managed to put together an album that will stand out from the flock and keep people coming back for more.

Opening the album with the title track was a very wise decision because it lays a solid foundation for the rest of the record. It starts out in your face with guttural growls and driving, fast-paced guitar riffs and kick drums. Craig Mabbitt’s voice conveys a sense of heart brokenness and catharsis with every word he utters. As the album progresses, the lyrics take you on a roller coaster ride from crushing sadness to a “fuck the world” attitude. The track “You’re Insane” stands to take the top spot for angry breakup songs. It’s a no holds barred, unsympathetic, no bullshit track about saying goodbye and good riddance. Track six, Chemical Love, expresses the frustration of being stuck in a relationship that’s no good for you with no hopes for escape because something about that person has become your addiction.

There are so many emo bands out there who basically cut and paste said genre’s basic formula and oftentimes end up just sounding like a bunch of annoying noise. Escape The Fate has steered clear of such a faux pas and put together an album full of their personalities, experiences and feelings with thoughtfully, intelligently written lyrics. It’s a truly solid album.


Track Listing
1. “Ungrateful”
2. “Until We Die”
3. “Live Fast, Die Beautiful”
4. “Forget About Me”
5. “You’re Insane”
6. “Chemical Love”
7. “Picture Perfect” (written with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy)
8. “Risk It All”
9. “Desire”
10. “One for the Money”
11. “Fire It Up”

Deluxe version
12. “I, Alone”
13. “Father, Brother”


Escape The Fate – Ungrateful

Escape The Fate – You’re Insane
You’re Insane

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