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When you push play on Godsmack’s new album “1000hp” and hear the rev of the engine, you know you’re in for a ride. From the opening riff of the first single and title track this is 100% (or should I say 1000) Godsmack. One of the few bands that have been able to keep their signature sound through the years and still sound fresh with each new release. It was early in 1999 and I was working as assistant cook at a nursing home. One of the high school kids who worked there after school brought in their self-titled debut and told me to check it out. Let’s just say the kid never got his album back.

Sully Erna’s vocals are more than recognizable in a world full of copycat radio friendly unit shifters. The rest of the band, consisting of Tony Rombola on guitar, Robbie Merrill on bass and Shannon Larkin on drums, have a connection that you can feel oozing out of your speakers. The sound is tight and well produced. When you pick up a Godsmack album, you know what you are getting.

This record though, has its differences. There is a sense of experimentation here. “Something Different” is a good example of that. There’s a more melodic feel to the vocals and the inclusion of the cello is something different (pun completely intended). For the most part though, this is straight up hard rock. This is a good album for a Sunday afternoon drive through the country. Crank it up loud and drive a little on the fast side. “FML” is probably my favorite song here. It’s a total fist pumper. I have to admit that I did a double take when I first heard “Generation Day” (another favorite). It has a strong G’N’R feel to it. This is followed by “Locked & Loaded” (yes, another favorite). It (to me, anyway) has a Vulgar era Pantera groove to it. Not completely, but you can feel some inspiration in there. The closing track “Turning To Stone” is a perfect ending to the album. It is classic Godsmack; slow and brooding aggression, complete with tribal drumming. So all in all, this is a pretty damn good album that would be at home in any self-respecting music lover’s collection.

Track Listing1000hp

1. 1000hp

2. FML

3. Something Different

4. What’s Next?

5. Generation Day

6. Locked & Loaded

7. Livin’ In The Grey

8. I Don’t Belong

9. Nothing Comes Easy

10. Turning To Stone

Best Buy Edition

11. Life Is Good!




Godsmack – 1000hp


Godsmack – Turning To Stone

Turning to Stone

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