Album Review: In This Moment ‘Black Widow’


Having been a fan of In This Moment since first seeing them live back in 2007, I’ve found that their latest album “Black Widow,” released on November 17th, 2014, seems a bit of a departure from their earlier efforts. This record comes off as less metal and more modern rock. I think my wife said it best, “It sounds like Maria is singing for Linkin Park.” This isn’t a bad thing. I’m all for a band exploring new territory…if it works. This actually works. The songs are catchy as fuck. It is still In This Moment though. Maria demonstrates all of her vocal abilities here, whether it be her sweet singing or her eardrum shattering screams. This album is totally worth checking out. Be warned though; as infectious as the grooves are in the beginning, towards the end of the album it takes a somber turn. You know Maria is pulling from a personal pool with the lyrics on this album, but she starts digging deep here and it can make for a troubling listen. I appreciate a band who aren’t afraid to explore their feelings and express themselves through their music. Sometimes though, it just becomes uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this album is definitely worth picking up.


Track Listing

1. The Infection

2. Sex Metal Barbie

3. Big Bad Wolf

4. Dirty Pretty

5. Black Widow

6. Sexual Hallucinations (ft. Brent Smith Of Shinedown)

7. Sick Like Me

8. Bloody Creature Poster Girl

9.The Fighter

10. Bones

11. Natural Born Sinner

12. Into The Darkness

13. Out Of Hell

Best Buy Bonus Tracks

14. Turn You

15. Rib Cage

Deluxe Digital Bonus Tracks

14. Sick Like Me (Motionless In White Remix)

15. Big Bad Wolf (Dr. Ozi Remix)




In This Moment – Sick Like Me

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In This Moment – Black Widow

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