Album Review: Saint Asonia ‘Saint Asonia’


Can/Am Supergroup, Saint Asonia, released their debut self-titled album on July 31, 2015. The band is made up of Adam Gontier on lead vocals (formerly of Three Days Grace), Mike Mushok on lead guitar (Staind), Corey Lowery on bass (formerly of Eye Empire), and Rich Beddoe on drums (formerly of Finger Eleven). The band has released two singles to date, ‘Better Place’ and ‘Blow Me Wide Open’, as well as a video for ‘Better Place’. Johnny K, also known for working with Staind, Megadeth, Sevendust and more, produced the album which was released on the RCA label.

As the album starts, you can definitely hear a mix of sounds between Three Days Grace and Staind. Adam’s gritty voice and Mike’s guitar shreds compliment each other well.  The lyrics are of the darker variety, which isn’t a surprise for anyone who knows Gontier’s style, dealing mostly with deception, transition, and depression.  The album takes you on a pleasant journey, with mostly high octane jams with a few acoustic tracks mixed in.  While doing some research, I came across the fact that Gontier’s uncle, Tom Duffy, actually played bass on the album and Lowery was hired after the recording was done.  I’m intrigued by what he’ll bring to the next album as he’s an above average bassist with plenty of experience of bringing his own style while complimenting the other musicians in the band.  My favorite tracks off the album would be King of Nothing, Blow Me Wide Open, and Waste My Time, but at the same time I can’t say I heard a song on there that I didn’t care for.

I would definitely recommend this album, especially to fans of the old, Adam Gontier era, Three Days Grace.  It spews emotion, is authentic and you’ll be listening to this album for years to come.


Track Listing
1. “Better Place”
2. “Blow Me Wide Open”
3. “Let Me Live My Life”
4. “Even Though I Say”
5. “Fairy Tale”
6. “King of Nothing”
7. “Waste My Time”
8. “Dying Slowly”
9. “Trying To Catch Up With the World”
10. “Happy Tragedy”
11. “Leaving Minnesota”






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