Kill the Flaw is the tenth studio album from alt metallers Sevendust. It was released on October 2nd, and regains much of the sound the band are known for, without much deviation. Some may think this is good, others bad. I think a band should be able to do whatever the fuck they want. And I like Sevendust.

In fact, I’m listening to the previous albums again for the first time in a while. Kill the Flaw is arguably not as strong throughout as their previous endeavors, but there are some serious gems here. It’s heavier than the last album – Time Travelers and Bonfires – so if that’s what you are after, you’re in luck.

The record kicks off with single “Thank You”, which sounds like a song for a true friend, but on closer inspection could be read as looking at the positives of a relationship breakdown. I like this attitude. Believing in positivity out of all situations can be nothing short of Hell, but it makes a refreshing change to hear a bit of subtlety and be given something to think about in an opening track on a metal album.

In terms of music, it’s upbeat, heavy and full of diatonic chords. My favorite. Seriously, I could listen to major to minor chords all day everyday. Sevendust are known for this, of course, and have left themselves open to criticism because of it. It’s understandable. Most of the songs are more of the same. If you like it already, you will be a fan.

The second track “Death Dance”, has some outstandingly catchy hooks, and will be played at my Halloween party, without a doubt.

“Letters”, and “Cease and Desist” are as close to ballads as we get on this record, but those hooks still draw me back in, and the choruses still kick it all back into life. We know my usual feelings on ballads.

I fell in love with “Not Today” as soon as it kicked in. It’s got a great classic intro, and goes straight into a grinding offbeat chant, then into a hip-wiggler of a hook and bridge. You get taken right back to the best of Sevendust. This is without a doubt the best track on the album.

The next track is really fun. It somehow works as a mix up of synth, metal and bluegrass. I love the vocals on this one, Lajon Witherspoon has the perfect voice for this style. He has the gravely American accent to work with the acoustic guitar hook, and the power for the metal. In reality, the vocals are great. It’s a shame I can really pick out some of the auto-tune, but you have to expect it these days. It certainly doesn’t take away from the great sound of his voice.

The last two tracks – “Peace and Destruction”, and “Torched” – are where things get really interesting, in my opinion. They are the heaviest of the album, and I can hear the distinct flavor of Daron Malakian (System of a Down, Scars on Broadway) in the tasty, far more refined guitar hooks. It’s almost as if they saved the best for last, in my opinion.

If you like the previous installments from Sevendust, then you will love “Kill the Flaw”, if not, this is certainly not going to change your mind. However, I like it, and that’s all that matters to me… 


Track Listing

  1. “Thank You”
  2. “Death Dance”
  3. “Forget”
  4. “Letters”
  5. “Cease and Desist”
  6. “Not Today”
  7. “Chop”
  8. “Kill the Flaw”
  9. “Silly Beast”
  10. “Peace and Destruction”
  11. “Torched”





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