Album Review: Shaman’s Harvest ‘Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns’


Missouri rock band Shaman’s Harvest will be releasing their latest album “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns” on September 16th, 2014. This is their fifth album overall and their debut for Mascot Records. Let me tell you folks, this record comes out of the gate swinging and really doesn’t let up. Josh Hamler’s rhythm guitar work and bassist Matt Fisher pave the way for Ryan Tomlinson’s lead fills and killer solos. Add to this, vocalist Nathan Hunt (who has some of the most soulful vocals I’ve heard in a long time), and you’ve got yourself an album that will be on constant repeat. It should be noted that Nathan Hunt was diagnosed with a rare lymph cancer in his throat prior to recording. It’s not something that I will dwell on here, just pointing it out to prove the dedication that this band has for their craft. This also gives the album a somber quality, but don’t be fooled by that. This album will kick your ass and won’t even bother to take your name.

The album starts of with the track “Dangerous.” It’s a hard hitting (both musically and lyrically), balls out anthem that will have you pumping your fist and shouting along. This sets the pace for the first few tracks. If you’re rockin’ this album and your head ain’t bobbin during “Here It Comes,” then you need to have your ass checked out. The groove in this song is infectious. “Ten Million Voices” is another fist pumper. By the time you get to “Blood On The Water,” which is one of my favorite tracks, you’re ready for a mellow moment. Ah, but alas, it doesn’t last long, as the bluesy guitar burst into a full band aural assault that will have you clappin’ and stompin’ along. The acoustic guitar in “The End Of Me” is spellbinding at least. “Country As Fuck,” now there’s a song title you’ll never get tired of saying. Just be careful if this track comes on while driving. It subliminally makes your foot heavier. “Hero” is another rocker with some lyrics to make you think. Now we’ve come to arguably the most intriguing song on the collection. A stellar, rocking cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” Yes, you read that right, and trust me, you will be cranking that one to 11. “In The End” is a powerful, moving number that’ll cut you deep if you let it. “In Chains” is another one of my favorite tracks. It’s another lead foot, horns up, bang your head and rock the fuck out tune. The final new track is “Silent Voice.” This is a beautiful piece of mellow intimacy with nice piano work and a searing solo. The album closes with an amazing acoustic rendition of the band’s biggest hit to date, “Dragonfly.” If this album doesn’t stir something in you, then my friend, you have no soul.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am very critical of music. I can generally rip an album apart to a point past recognition. I can’t do that with this one. I can’t tell you which one or two songs make the album worth picking up. I would tell you, start with track one and stop after track twelve, if you can. This is one solid fucking album that has been in my truck stereo, going on day eight, without stop. I highly recommend any fan of good solid rocking music to go out and pick up this album. You will not regret it.


Track Listing

  1. Dangerous

  2. Here It Comes

  3. Ten Million Voices

  4. Blood In The Water

  5. The End Of Me

  6. Country As Fuck

  7. Hero

  8. Dirty Diana

  9. In The End

  10. In Chains

  11. Silent Voice

  12. Dragonfly (Acoustic Version)




Shaman’s Harvert – Dangerous

Shaman’s Harvest – Dirty Diana
Dirty Diana

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