Shinedown released their fifth studio album, “Threat to Survival” on September 18th. It is their first in three years.

Shinedown have always been radio friendly; hit after hit being released to great satisfaction of their fans and the stations playing them. And this album doesn’t deviate from that. The first single, “Cut the Cord” stayed at number 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart for weeks. It had good reason to. The vocals are sharp, the hooks are toe-tappingly catchy, and the backing vocals are fun.

The rest of the record runs along the same vein. Pop elements lie underneath each song, some catching you by surprise. It’s a fun album. Definitely one for parties and alternative clubs.

The album opens with “Asking For It”. This track is a punchy sounding anthem which surely sees lots of arms lifting and fingers in the air when played live. There are string synths during the chorus, which I feel could have been used to pack a bigger punch during the middle 8 or at the bridges, but as it stands, it’s a solid opener.

“State of my Head” is one of those surprising tracks. The intro includes a reggae sounding beat on keys, before going into a groove pop sound. Similarly, “Thick as Thieves” has a serious 80s pop influence. I can hear Kate Bush and a little Dire Straits in there. It catches me off guard, but I like it.

The standout track has to be “Black Cadillac.” It has so much great percussion and bluesy vocals, I can’t help but have a little sway. Actually, that’s a complete understatement. I was literally dancing to that one. Other tracks have me bopping my head in the style of a 90s R&B girl group, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Overall, it’s a solid pop rock record, focused on the vocals, but complimented well by the instrumentation. Tracks like “Outcast” could have been much heavier, using guitarist Zach Myers to his full potential, but it would have sounded out of place. Only a couple of tracks really catch my attention, but the others certainly don’t blend into each other. There is no filler.

This is definitely an album to grab if you want fun, catchy, groovy pop rock, and if you are a Shinedown fan, it’s going to be one you love.


Track Listing

  1. “Asking For It”
  2. “Cut The Cord”
  3. “State Of My Head”
  4. “Outcast”
  5. “How Did You Love”
  6. “It All Adds Up”
  7. “Oblivion”
  8. “Dangerous”
  9. “Thick As Thieves”
  10. “Black Cadillac”
  11. “Misfits”





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