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Sick Puppies

Do you, dear reader, want the good news or bad news first? I suppose I’ll just mix the good and the bad in. Connect is a very well put together album in terms of instruments and vocals. Shimon Moore’s vocals are as beautiful as ever, this man’s voice cuts right through you and pierces your heart. The guitars and drums grind and pound out clever riffs and beats that can get your feet tapping and your head nodding. However, the lyrical content of Connect seems to be extremely juvenile, especially considering the band has been together for 16 years. One would expect the passage of so much time would help to hone and develop the subject matter and lyrical language of any band, but this is not the case with Sick Puppies. They seem to be emotionally stuck in a high school mentality of “everyone hates me, nothing in my life is going right, nobody understands me, blah blah blah”. There are plenty of bands out there with records full of angst, sadness, anger, feelings of being misunderstood and so on. There is a right way and a wrong way, in my opinion, to express such feelings. I just happen to prefer the music I enjoy to be more lyrically articulate and well thought out.

This is not to say that all of the songs on the album are terrible, there are indeed a few gems within. Some of them are more lyrically sound while others are only good for the instrumental elements. The first track, Die To Save You, is solid from start to finish. It sounds promising for the rest of the album but then the second track, There’s No Going Back, stumbles around a bit. The song itself is good, but the spoken portions of the song are weak and half-hearted. If there’s really no going back, wouldn’t you be much angrier? Track three, Walking Away, picks up the pace a bit despite a few contradictory lyrics. Track four sounds great, it’s catchy and somewhat original. But then the words kick in. It feels like Sick Puppies had a great idea that was never fully developed or rounded out. I don’t think this band is well-suited to write politically bent songs. Let’s hope they don’t try to do it ever again. Poison is the fifth and final track on this album that I can completely enjoy before the rest of it does a nose dive straight into the realm of “what the hell is this crap?” At least half of the songs on any album should be worth listening to, but out of the 18 music tracks on Connect, less than half of them are anything I can enjoy. I think that the band could have cut it down to 10 tracks or so and saved the rest of the songs until they were better.

It’s hard to write such a review when I really do feel that this band has the potential to put out a mind-blowingly amazing album. It seems like they’re this close to turning out a release that’s jam-packed with ear-worthy music. If nothing else, you can pick the album up and enjoy the handful of songs worth listening to.


Track Listing
1. “Die to Save You”
2. “There’s No Going Back”
3. “Walking Away”
4. “Gunfight”
5. “Poison”
6. “Where Did the Time Go”
7. “Telling Lies”
8. “Connect”
9. “Run”
10. “The Trick the Devil Did”
11. “Healing Now”
12. “Under a Very Black Sky”

iTunes Deluxe Edition
13. “What Are You Thinking”
14. “No Mercy”
15. “Better Waste of Time”
16. “There’s No Going Back” (rock version)

Best Buy Deluxe Edition
17. “There’s No Going Back” (Acoustic)
18. “Telling Lies” (Leaked bootleg)


Sick Puppies – There’s No Going Back
There’s No Going Back

Sick Puppies – Walking Away
Walking Away

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