Album Review: Slipknot ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’


Slipknot released their much anticipated release “.5: The Gray Chapter” on October 21st 2014. This being the first studio album since the passing of bassist Paul Gray and drummer Joey Jordison leaving the band, fans can rest assured that Slipknot still sounds like Slipknot. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I’ll let you decide. As far as their sound on this release goes, some will bitch that it’s too mellow and some will whine that they returned to the aggressiveness on their early albums. Me; I would pace it directly in the middle. Songs like “Skeptic” and “Custer” could easily be on their first two albums and tracks like “Killpop” and “Goodbye” sound like they belong on later efforts. No matter what your opinion is, this is Slipknot. So pick up a copy, turn it up loud and rock the fuck out.

Note: As of this writing, no permanent replacement has been announced for the bass and drum positions, and no real credit is given on the recording.

Slipknot 5_The_Gray_Chapter_Artwork

Track Listing

1. XIX

2. Sarcastrophe

3. AOV

4. The Devil In I

5. Killpop

6. Skeptic

7. Lech

8. Goodbye

9. Nomadic

10. The One That Kills The Least

11. Custer

12. Be Prepared For Hell

13. The Negative One

14. If Rain Is What You Want

Deluxe Edition

15. Override

16. The Burden




Slipknot – The Devil In I

The Devil In I

Slipknot – Custer


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