Album Review: The Used – The Ocean Of The Sky

The Used

The Used is a band I’ve loved since I first laid ears on them as an angsty high schooler who’d finally discovered and embraced her inner darkness.  This band helped me through everything I was going through.  I listened to their albums on repeat, memorizing every last lyric.  Their music even made the occaisional cameo as the soundtrack to my dreams.  They’re one of those bands whose albums I will always buy sight unseen and sound unheard because I know they won’t let me down.  So you can imagine the utter delight I felt the moment I heard they had released a new EP.

The Ocean Of The Sky reminds me of their first full-length album.  It’s gritty, angry and in-your-face while maintaining a lyrical and instrumental depth that rounds out their unique sound while still providing a whole new set of songs your ears are sure to thank you for.

As per their usual style, the album has elements of darkness, self-realizations and vulnerability to it with well-written, poetic and unconventional lyrics.  It’s like what one might imagine Edward Scissorhands feels inside but can’t express.  In my opinion, it’s painstakingly beautiful.  All of this allows the listener to feel invested in the storyline of each song as they amp you up and tug on your heartstrings.

Each track has its own personality.  Iddy Biddy and Quixotica are both solidly put together with their catchy lyrics and attitude-ridden guitar riffs.  Thought Criminal is more of a ballad with bittersweet sorrow in every note and lyric.  Last but not least, the title track sounds playful and mischevious with lyrics that you’ll want to memorize.  The final track, Tethys, is over 20 minutes of sound effect samples and white noise which are interwoven with varying musical sounds that ebb and flow gently but without climax.  My summation of this last track may make it seem as though I’m not impressed, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Tethys is curious and interesting, it’s something you can just lay there and allow yourself to be absorbed by.  In a way, it’s almost meditative.

Whether The Ocean Of The Sky is your first experience with The Used or the most recent of many of their albums to tickle your ears, you won’t be dissappointed.

The Used

Track Listing
1. Iddy Biddy
2. Quixotica
3. Thought Criminal
4. The Ocean of the Sky
5. Tethys


The Used – Iddy Biddy
Iddy Biddy

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