Album Review: Theory Of A Deadman ‘Savages’


Theory Of A Deadman’s fifth album “Savages” is exactly what you would expect from the Canadian rockers. They don’t venture far from the sound that made them a household name, yet are able to throw a couple twists into this record. Tyler Connolly’s vocals are a bit rougher than usual on some of the tracks here. He also handles lead guitar duty. The rest of the band includes Dave Brenner on rhythm guitar, Dean Back on bass and Joey Dandeneau on drums. The first track “Drown” starts of with some feedback into a sludge filled grungy rocker reminiscent of older Alice in Chains. This is followed by one of my favorite tracks, “Blow.” This is a typical Theory song. Catchy as hell, lyrics that tell it how it is, political correctness be damned. Next up is the title track, “Savages,” featuring Alice Cooper on guest vocals. Enough said. As you can see this starts off strong and stays that way throughout; for the most part. There are a few weak moments. “Angel” is a sleeper as is “The One.” These are also probably the most meaningful songs here, they just seem misplaced amidst the rest of the album. As is “Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song.” Misplaced, I mean. This song is classy as fuck. “World War Me” is probably my favorite track on the record. It’s not the rocker of the album and maybe a little more radio ready than I typically like, but lyrically, it hits home. So, if you are a fan of Theory Of A Deadman, you can expect an album that you will enjoy. If you don’t know who they are (really?), pick this up and give it a listen. It’s definitely got some good stuff on it. Quite a few track here, are going on my next playlist.


Track Listing

1. Drown

2. Blow

3. Savages (w/Alice Cooper)

4. Misery Of Mankind

5. Salt In The Wound

6. Angel

7. Heavy

8. Panic Room

9. The One

10. Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song (w/Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts)

11. World War Me

12. In Ruins

13. The Sun Has Set On Me




Theory Of A Deadman – Drown


Theory Of A Deadman – World War Me

World War Me

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