Album Spotlight: Blink-182 ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’

Blink 182

‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ is the second EP to be released by Blink-182. The album was released December 18, 2012 and was self-produced by the band and also the first to be self-released since their split with Interscope Records. After using separate studios for the band’s last album, ‘Neighborhoods’, Barker suggested returning to the studio together. They were able to do things their way, without a label’s interference, which led to creativity and agility. Alternative Press gave the album 4 out of 5 stars. The band features Mark Hoppus on vocals and bass guitar, Tom DeLonge on vocals and guitar, and Travis Barker on drums.

Blink-182 Dogs Eating Dogs
Track Listing
1. “When I Was Young”
2. “Dogs Eating Dogs”
3. “Disaster”
4. “Boxing Day”
5. “Pretty Little Girl” (featuring Yelawolf)

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Blink-182 ‘Boxing Day’
Blink 182 – Boxing Day

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