Album Spotlight: Buckcherry ‘Confessions’


On February 19th, 2013, Buchcherry will release their 6th studio album, Confessions. The band has also said that they will release a short film that ties in with the album. The first single off the album is ‘Gluttony’ and was released December 19th, 2012. gave the album 5 out of 5 stars. The band consists of Josh Todd on vocals, Keith Nelson on lead guitar, Stevie D. on rhythm guitar, Jimmy “Two Fingers” Ashhurst on bass guitar, and Xavier Muriel on drums.

Buckcherry Confessions
Track Listings

1. “Gluttony”
2. “Wrath”
3. “Nothing Left But Tears”
4. “The Truth”
5. “Greed”
6. “Water”
7. “Seven Ways To Die”
8. “Air”
9. “Sloth”
10. “Pride”
11. “Envy”
12. “Lust”
13. “Dreamin’ of You”

Deluxe Edition

14. “Give ‘Em What They Want”
15. “When the Fire Starts”

Japanese Edition Bonus Tracks

14. “Wherever I Go” (from The Avengers Assemble Soundtrack)
15. “Rescue Me” (Live)

Deluxe Edition DVD

1. “The Story Behind “Confessions””
2. “Gluttony” (Official Music Video)
3. “On the Set: Gluttony Video Shoot”
4. “Gluttony” (Official Lyric Video)


Buckcherry – Gluttony
Buckcherry – Gluttony

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