Album Spotlight: Chevelle ‘La Gárgola’


‘La Gárgola’ was released April 1st, 2014 by the band Chevelle. La Gárgola is spanish for The Gargoyle. “Take Out the Gunman” was the first single released from the album and it hit the airwaves February 4th, 2014. The critics have given this album an overwhelming thumbs up, with Loudwire and Allmusic both giving it four out of five stars. The band is made up of Pete Loeffler on vocals, guitar, Sam Loeffler on drums, and Dean Bernardini on bass, and drums on “Ouija Board.”


Track Listing
1. “Ouija Board”
2. “An Island”
3. “Take Out the Gunman”
4. “Jawbreaker”
5. “Hunter Eats Hunter”
6. “One Ocean”
7. “Choking Game”
8. “The Damned”
9. “Under the Knife”
10. “Twinge”


Chevelle – Take Out the Gunman
Take Out the Gunman

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