Album Spotlight: Drowning Pool ‘Resilience’

Drowning Pool

On April 9th, 2013, Drowning Pool released their fifth studio album, ‘Resilience’. It’s the first album with lead singer Jasen Moreno. The first single released, ‘In Memory Of…’, is a dedication to original singer Dave Williams. Williams passed away August 14th, 2002. He died from cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart. The band has also released the singles ‘Saturday Night’, ‘One Finger and a Fist’, and ‘Anytime Anyplace’. The band currently features Jasen Moreno on vocals, C.J. Pierce on guitar, Stevie Benton on bass, and Mike Luce on drums.


Track Listing
1. “Anytime Anyplace”
2. “Die for Nothing”
3. “One Finger and a Fist”
4. “Digging These Holes”
5. “Saturday Night”
6. “Low Crawl”
7. “Life of Misery”
8. “Broken Again”
9. “Understand”
10. “Bleed With You”
11. “Skip to the End”

Deluxe Edition
12. “In Memory Of…”
13. “Blindfold”

Digital Deluxe Edition
14. “Apathetic”
15. “One Way Prophecy”


Drowning Pool – In Memory Of…
In Memory Of

Drowning Pool – Saturday Night
Saturday Night

Drowning Pool – One Finger and a Fist
One Finger And A Fist

Drowning Pool – Anytime Anyplace
Anytime Anyplace

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