Album Spotlight: Hinder ‘Welcome to the Freakshow’

On December 4, 2012 Hinder released their fourth studio album, ‘Welcome to the Freakshow’, with their first single, ‘Save Me’ being released on August 30. In an interview with Billboard magazine, frontman Austin Winkler said the album was recorded during “A really, really dark drug binge” for him, which led to him entering rehab immediately after the album was finished. The band consists of Austin Winkler on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Joe Garvey on lead guitar, Mark King on rhythm guitar, Mike Rodden on bass guitar, and Cody Hanson on drums.

Track Listing
1. “Save Me”
2. “Ladies Come First”
3. “Shoulda Known Better”
4. “Freakshow”
5. “Talk to Me”
6. “Get Me Away From You”
7. “Is It Just Me”
8. “I Don’t Wanna Believe”
9. “See You In Hell”
10. “Anyone But You”
11. “Wanna Be Rich”

Best Buy Exclusive
12. “Get Me Away From You [Acoustic Version]”
13. “Ladies Come First [Alternative Version]”
14. “Save Me [Acoustic Version]”
15. “See You In Hell [Acoustic Version]”
16. “Talk To Me [Acoustic Version]”


Hinder – Save Me
Hinder – Save Me

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