Album Spotlight: In This Moment ‘Ritual’


  1. Salvation
  2. Oh, Lord
  3. Black Wedding (featuring Rob Halford)
  4. In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover)
  5. Joan of Arc
  6. River of Fire
  7. Witching Hour
  8. Twin Flames
  9. Half God, Half Devil
  10. No Me Importa
  11. Roots
  12. Lay Your Gun Down

Bonus Track (Japanese Edition)

  1. Creep (Radiohead cover)

Heavy metal band In This Moment released their sixth studio album, Ritual, on July 21, 2017.  It was released by Atlantic in conjunction with Roadrunner Records and was produced by Kevin Churko.  This is the first album without original drummer Tom Hane, who left in 2016 due to creative differences.  It was recorded at The Hideout in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There’s been three singles released so far and they are the tracks “Oh Lord”, a cover of Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight”, and “Roots”.


  • Maria Brink – lead vocals, piano
  • Chris Howorth – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Travis Johnson – bass, backing vocals
  • Randy Weitzel – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Kent Diimmel – drums

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