Album Spotlight : Jane’s Addiction ‘The Great Escape Artist’

Jane’s Addiction released their fourth studio album, ‘The Great Escape Artist’ on October 18, 2011. The band currently consists of Perry Farrell (Vocals), Dave Navarro (Lead and Rhythm guitar, Keyboards), Stephen Perkins (Drums, Percussion), David Andrew Sitek (Bass guitar, Rhythm guitar, Keyboards) and Chris Chaney (Bass guitar). The album has produced the singles “End to the Lies”, “Irresistible Force (Met the Immovable Object)” and “Underground”. Velvet Revolver and former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan joined the band for nine months during the initial writing sessions for the album. Farrell was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine describing the album by saying “It’s a strange mixture of that post-punk Goth darkness that Jane’s had, with what’s going on today with groups like Muse and Radiohead. As much as I want to appease fans and make old Jane’s fans love me, I just can’t help myself from moving forward.”. Perkins’ beats almost sound tribal at times and are a nice compliment to Navarro’s virtuoso guitar work. I feel old and new Jane’s fans will definitely appreciate and enjoy this album.

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