Album Spotlight: Marilyn Manson ‘Heaven Upside Down’

Heaven Upside Down

  1. Revelation #12
  2. Tattooed in Reverse
  3. We Know Where You Fucking Live
  4. Say10
  5. Kill4Me
  6. Saturnalia
  7. Je$u$ Cri$i$
  8. Blood Honey
  9. Heaven Upside Down
  10. Threats of Romance

Bonus Tracks (Japanese Edition)

  1. Kill4Me (Mystery Skulls Remix)

Anti-Christ Superstar, Marilyn Manson returns with his tenth studio album “Heaven Upside Down”.  Originally slated to be released on February 14, the album release date was pushed back to October 6, 2017.  The delay was due to Manson being dissatisfied with it in it’s current state at the time.  The band returned to the studio and recorded three more songs, “Revelation #12”, “Saturnalia” and “Heaven Upside Down”.  The album has spawned two singles to date, “We Know Where You Fucking Live” and “Kill4Me”.


  • Marilyn Manson – lead vocals
  • Twiggy Ramirez – bass
  • Gil Sharone – drums
  • Tyler Bates – guitar

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