Album Spotlight: Matthew Ryan ‘In The Dusk of Everything’

Alternative country singer/songwriter, Matthew Ryan, has returned with the final part of his trilogy that started off with ‘Dear Lover’ in 2010, and continued with ‘I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall’ in 2011. ‘In The Dusk of Everything’ takes him back to his more primal Americana Folk roots. This amazing songwriter shows his influences, Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen, more than ever on this album. His voice has been described as a “hushed rasp, with words catching like vows destined to be broken – one of modern music’s most potent whispers.”. It’s a very solid album from start to finish, an album that you can throw on and mellow out to.

Track Listing
01 – Lonely Not Homesick
02 – And So It Goes
03 – I Hate Everyone
04 – And It’s Such a Drag
05 – The Events at Dusk
06 – It Always Rains When You Miss Her
07 – Amy, I’m Letting Go
08 – She’s a Sparrow
09 – Stupid World
10 – Song in Reverse
11 – Let’s Wave Goodbye
12 – The Broken Side of Time (Bonus Track From the Film Broken Side of Time)

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