Album Spotlight: Monster Truck ‘Furiosity’

Monster Truck

On May 28th, 2013, Canadian rock band Monster Truck released their first full-length album named ‘Furiosity’. The band has released two EP’s prior to this album, The Brown EP and their self-titled EP. One single has been released from the album, Sweet Mountain River. The band consists of Jon Harvey on vocals and bass, Jeremy Widerman on guitar, Brandon Bliss on keyboards, and Steve Kiely on drums. The band will be touring most of July opening for Alice in Chains, so check them out if you get a chance!

Monster Truck Album

Track Listing
1. Old Train
2. The Lion
3. Power of the People
4. Sweet Mountain River
5. Psychics
6. Oh Lord
7. For The Sun
8. Boogie
9. Undercover Love
10. The Giant
11. Call It A Spade
12. My Love Is True


Monster Truck – Sweet Mountain River
Sweet Mountain River

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