Album Spotlight: Sevendust ‘Black Out the Sun’


On March 26th, 2013, Sevendust is scheduled to release their ninth studio album, ‘Black Out the Sun’. After a 3 year hiatus from the recording studio, Sevendust returns with what guitarist John Connolly describes as “a darker vibe,” but “still plenty of melody”. He also said it “is almost like a greatest-hits record of songs you’ve never heard before.”. The first single ‘Decay’ was released January 22nd, 2013. ArtistDirect has given the album a 5 out of 5 stars rating. The band consists of Lajon Witherspoon on vocals, John Connolly on guitars, Clint Lowery on guitars, Vinnie Hornsby on bass, and Morgan Rose on drums. The band is currently on tour in support of their new album with Lacuna Coil appearing on select dates. For more info on tour dates click here.

Sevendust Black Out the Sun

Track Listing

1. “Memory”
2. “Faithless”
3. “Till Death”
4. “Mountain”
5. “Cold as War”
6. “Black Out the Sun”
7. “Nobody Wants It”
8. “Dead Roses”
9. “Decay”
10. “Dark AM”
11. “Picture Perfect”
12. “Got a Feeling”
13. “Murder Bar”


Sevendust – Decay
Sevendust – Decay

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