Album Spotlight: Stone Sour ‘Hydrograd’


  1. YSIF
  2. Taipei Person/Allah Tea
  3. Knievel Has Landed
  4. Hydrograd
  5. Song #3
  6. Fabuless
  7. The Witness Trees
  8. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)
  9. Thank God It’s Over
  10. St. Marie
  11. Mercy
  12. Whiplash Pants
  13. Friday Knights
  14. Somebody Stole My Eyes
  15. When the Fever Broke

Bonus Tracks (Japanese Edition)

  1. Burn One Turn One
  2. Unchained (Van Halen cover)

On June 30th, 2017, American hard rock band Stone Sour released their sixth studio album ‘Hydrograd’.  The album was released on Roadrunner Records and has produced 4 singles to date, “Fabuless”, “Song #3”, “Taipei Person/Allah Tea” and “Mercy”.  It’s reached #8 on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts.


  • Corey Taylor – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard
  • Josh Rand – rhythm guitar
  • Christian Martucci – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Johny Chow – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Roy Mayorga – drums, percussion

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