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You may have by now picked up on the fact that I prefer attractive toys. Maybe it’s because I assign them personalities, names, and occasionally invite them to dinner, but I like my toys like I like my men–cute, multi-talented, and with just the right amount of flexibility.

Anastasia is pretty and she comes with her own person-name, so she had two checks in the “pros” column before she ever left the box. Still, I wasn’t particularly excited about her. She’s a little bit slim (I like my toys like I like my women–voluptuous with curves for days) and even though she’s pure silicone, I expected her to be rigid. (I like my toys like I like my women–loose, bendy, a little bit tipsy….)

But when I took her from her packaging not only was she perfectly lady-smooth and soft, she was far more flexible than I’d imagined. The bottom half of her shaft is rigid but the upper half is quite accommodating. I twirled her in my fingers and bent her back and forth just long enough to develop a little girl crush. Then I stuck a battery in her butt and got to business.

Anastasia’s box informed me that she’s perfect for internal and external stimulation. It also suggested I remove the sleeve to “use as a discreet mini vibe,” but since it was just the two of us, plus my secret boyfriend dildo, a bottle of Sliquid, the vibe I stole batteries from to load her, and eventually Mr. Tingler, I didn’t feel the need for discretion.

We started at the start, which is to say clitorally. I was immediately flooded with memories of my first encounter with this guy. As his heart buttons provided interesting texture, so did Anastasia’s subtle ridges. Because the bulk of the vibration is right at her center, rubbing her length externally was downright beautiful. Considering she runs on one AA, her lowest speed packs a surprising amount of power. Speed two is plenty for me, even if it is a buzzy, surface vibration.

Penetration with Anastasia was less exciting, but only because she’s really not my size. She’s 4.75″ insertable and supermodel slim–unfortunately, not impressive for me vaginally and a little bit too substantial for me anally.

Anastasia and I definitely have a future. When I’m mad at men, I’ll turn to her sweet softness. We’ll cuddle and talk. I’ll stroke and bend her and eventually she’ll rub on me. She understands my needs and I accept her limitations and appreciate where she excels. (If you are a woman, you get me. If you are a man, I’m saying I’m going to use her on my clit.)

Someone else could easily have a different relationship with Anastasia. I think she’s just about perfect for a woman interested in experimenting with a toy that can be used both clitorally and vaginally. If you’re new to toys or not sure penetration is your thing, try Anastasia. If you’re buying someone her first vibe, try Anastasia. If you’re experienced with anal play and looking for a medium sized toy to comfortably put up your bum, try Anastasia.

If, like me, you’re a fan powerful clitoral toys and soft, pretty ladies, try Anastasia.

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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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