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6″ circumference


10 vibrating functions, two bendable stems for multiple uses

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Intensity 7.5
Quietness 5
Uniqueness 10
Orgasmability 6

Arielle by Blush Novelties is one of our best selling toys. It appeals to some because it’s attractive and non-intimidating. Others hope its unique shape will once and for all remedy the dreadful debacle of the misaligned clitoral stimulator. Others still are just excited to grab a sleek, silicone toy for under $60.

I’m not easily intimidated and I haven’t paid full price for a sex toy since the new millennium, so Arielle’s appeal to me was primarily her shape. I enjoy–nay, love–nay, insist upon simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation. A rabbit style vibrator should be perfect for me. Instead, I often find their clitoral vibrators directionally challenged. It feels like the toys weren’t crafted just for me, which is a huge turn off. No girl wants to pause sexy time to accuse her rabbit of gearing his ears towards another lady’s anatomy.

Between the irresistibly of Mr. Marcus, the excitement of the holidays, and my historical suction cup challenge, my recent reviews have been a bit wordy. To give you guys a break, and because you love my art, I’ve decided to review the Arielle primarily through pictures.

Here’s what I liked about Arielle:


Here’s what I liked not so much:

review dislike

Here’s who has spoiled me:

review rivals

Here’s who I think will like this toy:

review girls

My drawings speak for themselves, obviously, but in case you’re unversed in artistic interpretation, I liked the toy. It was what I expected, in that it met my clit in a way rabbits don’t. The pressure was especially nice when I took its length to the limit. The vibration was strong enough, but not particularly deep. What disappointed me most was the size, but to some women that might be most appealing. Double the girth of the shaft, intensify the pressure on the g-spot, and add a little bit of rumble, and the Arielle might make my top five. Get yours here!

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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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