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Axel Braun's Inked #2

 128 Minutes

August 17th, 2016

Ok so here’s the low down on this flick by legendary director Axel Braun…  I’ll start with the negative, it seemed like there were some off scene noises like coughing, dog barking and something else that I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I would have liked to have seen a little more variety in the positions used from scene to scene but overall this is a very solid flick.  All five gorgeous, inked ladies had an amazing performance and the camera shots and angles were on point.  It’s so nice to see such a big name director take pleasure in shooting these gorgeous inked women!  I’d highly recommend buying this movie because you’ll want to watch it again and again!

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 9.8
A/V Club 9
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 9.8

What Wicked Pictures Tells Us About Axel Braun's Inked #2

Every body tells a story…and in legendary director Axel Braun’s sequel to his award-winning movie INKED, the stories are hotter and sexier than ever! Beautifully shot, and with an all-star cast of gorgeous tattooed vixens, INKED 2 is top-notch pornography at its finest. – Wicked Pictures

A Walk Through The Scenes

Dollie Darko, Ryan Ryder
The scene starts off with Dollie Darko rubbing lotion on her legs and body while sitting on a dining room table, then Ryan Ryder enters.  They start kissing and he gets her undressed pretty quickly.  After fingering and licking her pussy, Dollie returns the favor by sucking his cock.  They do quite a few position changes, missionary, doggystyle and reverse cowgirl are the most prevalent in this scene.  The scene ends with Ryan jizzing on Dollie’s big titties and afterwards for good measure, she sucks his cock clean.  Good scene. Dollie came across as really wanting the cock and thoroughly enjoying it.
Rachael Madori, Alec Knight
The next scene starts off with Alec Knight wondering why there is a stripper pole in the garage so he calls Rachael Madori (who turns out to be his son’s girlfriend) to the room and questions her about it.  She tells him he’s going to start stripping to make some money and needs it to practice.  She starts twirling on the pole and seducing him and once he sees her tits he starts to change his mind.  She takes off her pants to show off her cute little bush and he’s pretty much her from that point.  She goes pretty quickly for his cock and before long it’s in her mouth, deep throating and gagging.  She lays down on the floor and continues to suck his cock before asking “would you like to fuck me?”  Alec is very interested and happy to please.  They switch positions from her on top, reverse cowgirl, and of course, doggystyle.  They finish with Alec nutting all over Rachael’s ass and him approving of her keeping the pole.  This was an amazing scene, Rachael’s a true professional and always fucks like its her last time.
Harlow Harrison, Eric John
Scene 3 starts off with Eric John kissing Harlow Harrison’s shoulder and rubbing an ice cube up and down her arm.  It’s not long before her shirt comes up and bra comes off, freeing her lovely fun bags!  After more kissing and teasing, he removes her panties and starts pleasing her pussy with his tongue.  She, of course, wants to return the favor so she starts swallowing his meat stick.  After pleasing, gagging and choking on it for a while she lays down on the couch and he slides it into her anxious pussy.  They do the normal positions, missionary, girl on top, reverse cowgirl and from behind, the same that each of the other scenes have featured up to this point.  They finish with him dropping his load all over her face and tits, with her cleaning it off afterward.  Good scene, definitely a pleasure to watch.
Emma Mae, Jay Crew
Emma Mae and Jay Crew start off arguing at the dinner table.  Stepfather Jay gives her a lecture about her short hair and tattoos but she’s pretty firm that she’s gonna do what she wants to do.  Things get naughty when he asks her about having sex with people and makes a comment about her not wearing a bra.  When he won’t admit to looking at her tits, she flashes him.  She then drops her (short) jean shorts, takes off her tank top and tempts her stepdaddy.  He comes over and starts making out with her and sucking on her hard nips.  She doesn’t hesitate to drop his pants and start polishing his knob.  She doesn’t do any deep throating, which is slightly disappointing.  She more than makes up for it once she has a dick inside her.  The scene continues with only variations of fucking from behind and missionary.  He finishes by frosting her face and titties!  The scene wasn’t bad but wasn’t something great either.  I felt like there could have been a few more positions used.
Anna Bell Peaks, Tommy Gunn
Ok so for the finale we have Anna Bell Peaks and Tommy Gunn.  Anna Bell comes waltzing in as Tommy is sitting on the couch with his laptop.  She immediately starts to tempt him with a “break”.  She gets his attention when she starts to kiss him and show off her amazing ass and tits.  It’s not long before the laptop is closed and she’s on his lap!  She rubs his cock through his pants but she wastes little time freeing his concealed weapon.  She goes right to town sucking and deep throating his pole.  You can tell Ms. Peaks desperately wants the cock because they go right from her blowing him to him fucking her, no pussy licking first!  They switch positions between doggy, from behind, reverse cowgirl and her on top.  The scene finishes with her sucking his cock until he frosts her gorgeous titties with his load.  This was a fan-fucking-tastic scene!  It was easy to see why Anna Bell Peaks is one of the top performers in the industry currently!  Without a doubt a scene I could watch several more times!

Special Features & Extras

  • Shot in HD
  • 3 Bonus Sex Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
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