Big Boobs Are Not Off Limits For Feminists!

Did you screen Big MILF Juggs 3 when you spoke about feminism at California colleges?

Angela, 26, CA


You bring up such a great point in asking this question. I am assuming you are asking, not because you happened to love Big Milf Juggs 3 and were hoping I was promoting the film during my lecture tour, but rather because a feminist would be contradictory by directing a title that centers around the glorification of a woman’s breasts.

First, let me correct you. I didn’t speak about Feminism at UCLA or at UC-Santa Barbara. I spoke about couples-oriented adult films and how New Sensations is expanding on what specifically that genre entails. Perhaps the confusion centered around this picture:


Photo by: Jeff Koga

The above picture was actually taken after Professor Constance Penley gave me The Feminist Porn Book as a gift (she co-authored the book and thought I would enjoy it). This coming Fall I will be speaking at Catalyst Con (where Constance will also be speaking) and am hoping to get people to think more critically about what is deemed acceptable and unacceptable within feminist ideals.

There has been great many an argument for the feminist cause within porn. There are feminists that are staunch supporters of adult films and feminists that are staunch opposers. My stance as a feminist is this – as a woman of legal age, I am entitled to enjoy pornography of any form, provided that all people involved were consenting and willing participants throughout the process. I could get off to watching or KissMeGirl or some more romantic titles from The Romance Series. I have that right. Further, I support women’s rights to self-identify and express themselves as they see fit – if someone wants to feel and/or be seen in a certain light (even if that light might not work for other women), she has that right. These are core principles of all types of feminism.

After having penned a number of feature films for my boss, I told him I was interested in directing a big boob title. For me, I find breasts absolutely beautiful and wanted to direct a film that explored my own fantasies. It just so happened that New Sensations was ready for the next installment in an existing series, so it was the perfect opportunity for a win-win.

It was not my choice to title the film, Big Milf Juggs, it was part of a series and my boss needed another release in that particular series, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I would have loved to have talked about Big Milf Juggs 3 in a feminist porn panel. I would have loved to have had its entire female cast alongside me (Raylene, Tanya Tate, Vanilla DeVille, and Jewels Jade) – all of whom are very self-possessed, confident women who defined for themselves what their careers would be and I am a woman who has done the same. I would have loved for these women to have had the opportunity to explain what their works means to them. The best I can do is let you know that I stand behind my decisions as an ethical, feminist-minded pornographer.

Thank you for asking this question. I think it raises so many relevant points regarding the feminist porn cause and no matter what your stance, dialogue is important.

Best always,

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Jacky St. James hails from the East Coast, graduating with a BA in Drama and Anthropology and is a multiple award winning adult writer and director for New Sensations. She is known for a wide-range of films from romantic comedies to edgier all-sex releases with her most acclaimed titles being: Torn, The Friend Zone, Power and Control, Love is a Dangerous Game, The Submission of Emma Marx, and Dear Abby. Torn, her most successful film to date, went on to receive Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Couples’ Release, and Best Screenplay award wins during the 2012 award season. During her career in adult, Jacky has been an advocate of couple's-oriented pornography and has been a guest speaker at UC - Santa Barbara, UCLA, AEE, XBIZ 360 and has been featured in several popular mainstream publications including Jezebel, Slate, and the Examiner. Jacky shares pictures, clips, and stories about her successes and debacles as a woman working within the adult industry on her website: From? An east coast, white-bred, conservative town Age? 36 Fav. Food? Sushi or Pizza! Although I will eat just about anything. Fav. Alcoholic Drink? I am not a drinker, but when I do drink, it's usually Chocolate wine! Fav. Book? Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey. I also am a fan of We Need to Talk about Kevin, The Count of Monte Cristo, and the Complete Works of Shakespeare Fav. Movie? It's a toss up between Miracle (about the 1980 US Hockey team defeating the Soviets) or Shawshank Redemption (which was cinematic perfection). One Fun Fact? I have a severe allergy to cooking. I'm working through it.

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