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Blair Witch Project: A Hardcore Parody

Blue Circus Entertainment/Pulse Pictures


Brandy Aniston, Britney Amber, Daisy Layne, Jack Vegas, Nikki Daniels,

Tommy Gunn & Dick Chibbles

What Dick Chibbles & Blue Circus Entertainment/Pulse Pictures

Tells Us About “Blair Witch Project: A Hardcore Parody”

“In the fall of 2010, a group of adult film actors went into the woods of Maryland to shoot a documentary about The Blair Witch (and shoot porn). They were never heard from again. In 2011, their footage was found”.Dick Chibbles & Blue Circus Entertainment/Pulse Pictures

Once again, Dick Chibbles delivers in his unique and creative way that is not a ‘same as everyone else’s’ porn dvd. As you watch his work, you will not only enjoy both the sex and non-sex segments, but will appreciate every aspect, including the format, script, camera creativity and a very natural flow that does not seem staged at all. Combining all of this with the excellent cast, “Blair Witch Project: A  Hardcore Parody” earns a “Strong 4 Hard Ons” for what I call unique and exciting porn.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Britney Amber, Nikki Daniels & Tommy Gunn

Before heading out on their adventure, Britney, Nikki and Tommy decide to have some fun at the house. The scene delivers a little bit of everything and will keep you stroking the entire time. From Nikki going down on Britney’s sweet pussy, to awesome cock sucking by Britney, things get started for an all-around suck and fuck marathon. There are fantastic moments of finger fucking, hard cowgirl riding and more. The three deliver a strong girl/girl/boy scene that wraps up with Tommy dumping his load on Britney’s pussy and Nikki licking it all up after. A strong first sex scene in the movie.

Britney Amber

Once they head off to town and then into the woods, you will watch and enjoy segments of interviews with town folks and a stop at the store. All along their journey, Britney narrates from the book of the “Blair Witch Project”.

Brandy Aniston, Daisy Layne & Dick Chibbles

As Britney is reading, you see in the background, Brandy, Daisy and Dick getting into some outdoor fun. The two ladies not only enjoy each other as Daisy goes down on Brandy, but when the girls move on to sucking Dick’s cock, they work him over orally in every possible way. Yes, they deliver some very nice two girl cock sucking. With strong all-around fucking by everyone, they go at it non-stop. Bringing it all to an end, the two girls jerk off and orally work on Dick until he layers  Brandy’s sweet boobs with cum, which Daisy then licks off. There is non-stop action that will have you steadily pouring on the lube as you watch.

Nikki Daniels & Jack Vegas

When Jack tells Nikki there is a snake in his sleeping bag and asks her to check it out, she finds the snake is actually Jack’s cock. Nikki then offers to suck the venom out, and OMG, can this girl suck. From stroking, sucking, spitting and working on his balls, she goes at it until she takes his load in her mouth, swallows it down and sucks him dry. An awesome oral scene that will have you wishing it was your cock that Nikki was sucking the venom from.

Brandy Aniston & Tommy Gunn

Enjoying the outdoors, Brandy gets naked and proceeds to do the same to Tommy by taking out his cock. Orally, Brandy knows how to work a cock over, and with the way she sucks and strokes, you will bust your nut watching right off the bat. Fucking was awesome, from Brandy’s sounds, expressions and the way she mixes slamming and fantastic grinding while riding cowgirl. From one position to the next, the energy is high, and when Tommy can no longer hold back while fucking her doggie, he spins her around and dumps his load in her mouth, which Brandy swallows and then sucks him clean. Lots of awesome sex action in every moment of this scene.

Brandy Aniston, Britney Amber, Daisy Layne & Nikki Daniels

Come morning, as the four girls are relaxing in their tent, they take some time to enjoy each other and deliver an awesome four girl scene. You will enjoy watching these ladies every moment as they enjoy each other. Lots of kissing, girl/girl play, pussy eating and dildo action as you watch orgasm after orgasm, until the are all totally satisfied in every way. Great all-girl scene with tons of action that will have you going back to watch many times over.

Britney Amber, Nikki Daniels, Dick Chibbles & Jack Vegas

After a secret comes out from Dick and Britney about the whole trip, everyone is a bit pissed, but it doesn’t stop Britney, Nikki, Dick and Jack from wrapping up with a great foursome. With Britney starting off working over both guys orally, she is aggressive and delivers plenty of ball licking and sucking that leaves neither cock lonely. While taking a fucking in her sweet pussy as she works the other guy over, you will enjoy strong cowgirl riding and a powerful pounding in doggie. When Nikki joins in, she goes at it strong with lots of sucking and awesome doggie from Jack. First, Britney takes a load on her boobs, followed by Nikki getting her body layered in cum. But it doesn’t stop there as Britney licks away at the cum on Nikki’s body. Great ending sex scene.

As the movie and documentary closes out, you will see a very interesting and surprising segment that brings it all to an end.

Special Features

DVD Details

Release Date: September 16, 2011. Running Time: 1:39

Studio: Blue Circus Entertainment/Pulse Pictures

Directed By: Dick Chibbles

Reviewed By: Senior Reviewer – Bill The Hobbyist

Twitter: @BillTheHobbyist

Email: billthehobbyist@gmail

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