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Body Art Vol 1


October 11th 2016

Folks, let me introduce you to Robert Morgan and Royal Empire Productions. Body Art Vol 1 being their latest offering, and a fine place to jump in if you have never met. An all ink film with a knock out cast. I mean just look at the box… Cali Carter front and center, as well as Ophelia Rain, Stefania Mafra and Raquel Roper being pictured. Also included in the film are Amelia Dire and Jenevieve Hex. Not too shabby, eh. That is a lot of gorgeous in one film! All six girls give solid performances and all are worthy of multiple viewings (which I recommend). Quality wise, I have to admit some surprise. Given that Royal Empire is basically a one man operation (seriously, Mr.Morgan does almost every aspect of production by himself… from shooting, performing, editing, menus, box design and even packaging… this guy is my hero and small business at it’s best) one could expect (and possibly even tolerate) a few minor glitches. Truly none can be found here. The audio is clear (a little quiet humming in the background but not distracting), the picture is crisp with well centered shots and great angles. If I had one complaint about this film, it would be during the cowgirl riding in the scenes. I personally would like to see the action and the face at the same time (we do get some glimpses throughout just nothing concrete). But really that is a rather minor complaint and more a matter of personal prefference. In all seriousness and honesty, this is a solid effort and I implore you to support the independent studio by getting yourself a copy of Body Ink Vol 1 or joining the site. And then join me in wait for Volume 2.

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Review Overview

Inked Angels 10
Schwing 9.8
A/V Club 9.6
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 9.9

What Royal Empire Productions Tells Us About Body Art Vol 1

Are you tired of the “Girl Next Door” the prim and proper girl who barely gives a decent Blowjob? Maybe it’s time to give the Bad Girls a chance to show you how it’s done! Body Art Volume 1 features some of the hottest Tatt’d up porn stars in the business getting down and dirty like they do best! – Royal Empire Productions


A Walk Through The Scenes

Stefania Mafra, Robert Morgan

Stefania Mafra opens the scene waking up a sleeping Robert Morgan by yelling at him about a conversation he had with his brother (her fiance). She offers a resolution to the squabble by making a deal with him. She will have some fun with him if he talks to his brother. The scene switches to POV as she gives him a suck. She rides him cowgirl and I appreciate the camera work here. Not only do we get up close and personal with the action, but Stefania gets plenty of face time. I appreciate this in a POV and I’m sure I’m not the only one. She turns around for a ride in reverse as well as taking a good pounding from behind. As an opening scene, this one is pretty great. It gives a look at what is to come as well, and I for one welcome the forthcoming scenes.

Amelia Dire, Robert Morgan

Shot in POV, Amelia Dire explains to Robert her troubles with his brother. He offers to let her stay and she asks to fuck. Wasting no time, she yanks down his drawers and gives him a suck. She strips down and climbs on for a quite enjoyable cowgirl ride. Again, we get to see her face during and her expressions are great as she shows that she is truly enjoying herself. She rides reverse and they have a quick go from behind. Another great scene. Great quality and a wonderful performance by Ms.Dire.

Ophelia Rain, Robert Morgan

Robert walks into Ophelia Rain’s room to confront his step sister about some taboo goings on he discovered. In order to keep his silence, Ophelia must sleep with him. As they discuss, Ophelia offers a panty flash that sends the schwing-o-meter reeling. Being a master of her craft, Ophelia brings the role to life with subtle nuances in her acting. She gives him a slobbery suck with the perfect amount of dirty talk while eye fucking the camera. She gives a great performance with her cowgirl ride, as well as a ride in reverse. She gives him another deep wet suck and a titty fuck before going ass up for a finishing go from behind. I will never deny some hard crushing on Ms.Rain (such perfection) and any opportunity to see her perform is a treat. This scene is a great addition to her catalog of scenes and showed her true acting abilities that I hope other folks see and can appreciate. A definite must see scene.

Jenevieve Hex, Robert Morgan

Jenevieve Hex walks in on Robert who is laying on the bed playing on his phone. I’m not sure I quite grasp who she is in the scenario, but I did pick up on the fact that he is playing a virgin. Their build up is fun and playful and a bit humorous. Switching to POV they keep up the playful banter as she gives him a suck. She rides him cowgirl (the face to action ratio is a tad less on this scene, but still acceptable) and reverse while continuing her playful dirty talk. She takes a dicking from behind then goes for another cowgirl ride and a finishing titty fuck. Ms.Hex is pure energy and leaves us with quite an entertaining watch. Another stand out scene.

Cali Carter, Robert Morgan

Cali Carter meets with Robert on a couch. They are old friends who havn’t seen each other in a long time. He swoons over her hotness and tattoos, getting maybe a little handsy with the looking. As her awkwardness wanes she becomes more open and shows him her tits and they decide to move on to the bedroom. Switching to POV, she gives him a good suck with some hot camera eye fucking. She rides him in reverse and cowgirl giving quite a show. Her breathy moans adding a nice added level to the eroticism. Ms.Carter gives a great performance leaving behind a memorable scene.

Raquel Roper, Robert Morgan

Billed as a bonus scene, we find Raquel Roper sitting on the bed flipping channels in a tank and panties (so much schwing here), when Robert walks in. She is his step sister who was watching his kids. He comments on her attire and gives her leg a feel. Realizing they have a few minutes to spare, they decide to screw around. Stripping down, we go to POV where Raquel give a great suck with an amazing eye fucking. She takes a fun cowgirl ride as well as in reverse. Ass up, she takes a pounding from behind while uttering some very sweet moans. Hanging upside down on the bed, she gives another suck receiving another quick go from behind. Ms.Roper leaves the film off on a high note, giving a great and memorable performance.


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