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bodywand-aqua-680x962Here’s the thing about toys like the Bodywand Aqua Mini Rechargeable: I don’t actually need to use them to write reviews. When you put in front of me a powerful clitoral stimulator with a soft and supple head, I can pretty much guarantee it will get the job done, and quickly.

Of course, I would never review a sex toy I haven’t used. I’d be (in no particular order) jeopardizing my integrity and cheating myself out of a very good orgasm. So, when this cute little Bodywand appeared on my desk, a preview of what was to come flashed before my eyes and I giddily pocketed it.

It didn’t hurt that Bodywand is a name I know well. The first Bodywand massagers–the Original and the full-size rechargeable–were two of the infamous Magic Wand’s earliest competitors. The Original rivals the Magic Wand’s strength while tossing in quieter vibrations and a more body-friendly design. The rechargeable boasts the conspicuous benefit of being rechargeable.

Bodywand has since introduced a series of Mini Wands that we can barely keep on the shelves, a rhinestone-studded beauty that you could almost wear as jewelry (not saying I haven’t) and the waterproof Aqua. When the original Aqua arrived, I was so excited I almost cried. I was quickly disappointed when I realized it required batteries.

Adult Star Roxy Reynolds purchased the full size Body Wand Aqua from Taboo.


The Aqua Mini Rechargeable squashes all that. AND it’s mini. So, yeah, review = written. But, with my integrity to consider, I dutifully invited my Bodywand into the shower. If you hadn’t already guessed by the clues, “Aqua” and “waterproof,” the Bodywand Aqua Mini and Original are designed to accompany you in the bath or shower.

In my 20s, waterproof vibrators were a novelty to spice up a spontaneous shower with a partner. These days, the bathroom door is often the only separation between myself and my wonderful young children, so the shower has become a valued retreat. I keep candles on the edge of the tub, a bottle of wine under the sink, and now the Bodywand Aqua in the medicine cabinet.

It’s important to note that neither the Bodywand Aqua Mini nor the Original are submersible. They should be enjoyed freely in the shower and it’s totally fine to splash around with them in the tub, but don’t expect them to snorkel between your legs and hold their breath for an hour.

Since I’m such a know-it-all and not one for small talk, I didn’t read up on my Aqua before jumping into the shower with it. I was immediately impressed with its eight levels of intensity, but discovered only by accident its additional eight modes of vibration and pulsation. If you’re still counting fingers, that’s 64 different combinations.

I’m not one for blasting it all to hell, but I’d still consider speeds one through three foreplay. For me, level four was serious. I think I tapped out at six. This toy definitely has something for everyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation, which is everyone who has a clitoris.

The handle of the Bodywand Aqua Mini is perfect for getting a comfortable grip without being excessive. Its silicone head is smooth and exceptionally flexible. The vibrations are of the buzzy, surface variety. You will probably not feel this orgasm in your very soul, but because it’s rechargeable, waterproof, and offers such a variety of stimulation, it will fill an important niche in your toy box (or medicine cabinet.)

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