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Several million years ago, a “back massager” by the name of Hitachi Magic Wand made its way into drugstores. With its clinical bulkiness and decidedly unsexy packaging, the shelves of Walgreens seemed exactly where it belonged. We women are quick to identify a sex toy, however, and in no time, it caught on as the ultimate clitoral vibrator. Not only could it hide in plain sight as an innocuous muscle massager, its power was unmatched.

Considering how quickly the Original Magic Wand gained popularity, its surprising that similar wands didn’t make it to the market sooner. For twenty years, the Magic Wand stood alone.

In 2011, Bodywand became Hitachi’s first real threat. Their original massager is a plug-in toy very similar to the Original Magic Wand. When Taboo’s first stock arrived, we were most excited about its dial offering variable speeds (vs. the Magic Wand’s two set options) and its relative quietness.

The toy I received is a newer, and in many ways, superior Bodywand. The Bodywand Rechargeable eliminates the user’s need to be tethered to an outlet. One hour of charging buys you one hour of wireless enjoyment. In addition, it introduces a pulsation mode.

In the past five years, wands have caught on in a big way. Between the Original Magic Wand (now also with a rechargeable version,) Bodywand, Shibari, and Jimmy Jane, pickins are not slim for a stellar wand-style massager. I make this solemn promise to you: One day I will do a full wand round up and compare them all.


For now, let’s talk about my beautiful Bodywand Rechargeable. Its slightly smaller than the Magic Wand, with a more flexible, silicone head. It’s not silent, but it’s definitely quieter than the Original Magic Wand. Its dial scrolls easily from low to high, allowing a completely customizable experience. One of the things I appreciate most about the Bodywand Rechargeable is that the button controlling the pulsation function is located on the side of the toy, completely detached from the dial. A fumbling thumb accidentally switching modes instead of speeds in the dark is one of the most frustrating things ever. No matter how far you are into orgasmic bliss, that is not going to happen with this toy.


Aside from the endless speeds, with the Bodywand Rechargeable you’ve got two options–vibrating, or pulsating. That’s enough for me, because steady vibration is almost always my jam.

Because I’ve become a little addicted to a penetration, I didn’t hesitate to include my Mona. Only seconds in, however, I ejected her from the experience. The rumbling vibrations of the Bodywand, even on its lowest setting, were so intense, sensations were escalating faster than I could identify them.

My focus now solely on my Bodywand, I conducted a couple of brief experiments. First, I turned the dial all the way up. I almost died. The high level of the Original Magic Wand is slightly more intense, but that’s why my Magic Wand is wrapped in caution tape and waits in my bottom toy drawer like a special occasion jack hammer.

Next, I moved him away from my love button/pleasure center/little man in the boat/other weak and non-threatening word for clit and lined him up as if I were preparing for penetration. I was shocked and amazed at how turned on I remained even with no direct clitoral stimulation. The Bodywand’s vibrations seemed to reach the root of my clitoris even when nestled inside my labia. The fact that I might actually climax here was so startling, I kind of lost the mood (the tribulations of a devoted researcher) and after a while I returned my wand to the area for which it was intended.

My shoulders.

Just kidding.

I tried the pulsation mode. It was whatever, but that’s me. We wrapped up our romp on a relatively low level of steady vibration. Unless intensity for the sake of intensity is your goal, the Bodywand Rechargeable is a definite improvement over the Original Magic Wand. Its head is more comfortable, its size more convenient, and if you can keep track of the cables, wireless, rechargeable toys rule.

Pending my upcoming Wand Roundup, I whole-heartedly recommend the Bodywand Rechargeable.

Get yours here.

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Alison Barber is an tattooed toy junkie, sex blogger, and owner of Taboo, RVA's premier adult retail destination.

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