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Brandy Aniston Is Fucked – Deviant Entertainment


Chanel Preston, Maddy O’Reilly, Alektra Blue, and Brandy Aniston

What Deviant Entertainment Tells Us About Brandy Aniston Is Fucked

“Brandy Aniston’s Directorial Debut!”Deviant Entertainment

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One of my favorite adult stars gets her chance to be both behind and in front of the camera in Deviant Entertainment’s Brandy Aniston Is Fucked. This darkly horrific tale simultaneously excites, repulses, and stimulates with its four moody encounters. The opening scene with Chanel Preston sets the dark tone immediately, with psychedelic cuts and brutal fuckery. Maddy O’Reilly plays the submissive so well, looking so damn hot cowering as Prince Yahshua uses and abuses her. Alektra Blue’s scene was hot as hell; she fucked in a frenzy like a condemned woman. Brandy’s scene is the wildest of all–humiliating, bestial, and cruel, all with the magnetic appeal of a sexually charged encounter. Brandy’s directing shows that she well understands the powerful psychological connection between sexuality and horror, making for an experience that will linger long after the mess is cleaned up. The lighting contributes enormously to the overall mood, as do the quick cuts, scene flashes, and jerky camera movements. Unsettling and enormously satisfying, the superstar cast of Brandy Aniston Is Fucked rates a perfect 5 Hard Ons out of 5.

A Walk Through the Scenes

BAIF Chapters

Scene 1 – Chanel Preston (@ChanelPreston) & Tommy Pistol (@TommyPistol)

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Chanel Preston is locked up in a bare cell. Tommy Pistol treats her to every kind of humiliation, smacking her ass, gagging her, slapping her tits and cunt, and soaking her with water. He jams her head down on his dick. In sharp contrast, he kisses Chanel gently, then feeds her his cock again. He slams her head up and down his dick, then wraps her head in a towel and face-fucks her. Chanel’s clothes come off, and he rams his cock into her. He sets a ferocious pace in cowgirl, and she gives it right back. She licks his bunghole as he holds her to his crotch with fingers twisted in her hair. Chanel bends over for a doggie style pounding. Tommy fingers her pussy hard while rimming her. His ferocious frigging soaks her crotch. He holds her head back and jacks off onto her face, jamming his meat down her throat to shoot his jizz deep. Chanel lets his spunk trickle out of her mouth.

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Scene 2 – Maddy O’Reilly (@MaddyOreillyxxx) & Prince Yahshua (@PrinceYahshua)

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Maddy O’Reilly sits back chained in a metal spider web of a chair, looking around in fear. Prince Yahshua gets her out of the chair and guides her by the chain around her neck to his crotch. He forces her face into a bowl, then gags her with a towel. He rips Maddy’s fishnet tights apart at the crotch and puts his mouth over her ass and pussy. Prince reddens her ass with his hands and his whip, teasing her cunt with its handle. He chokes Maddy with his dick, forcing her head down on his meat. He stuffs his dick up her snatch and wraps his hand around her throat while fucking her hard. Wrapping her wide mesh outfit over her face, he gives Maddy his dick to suck. He straddles her ass, then somersaults her to a spread-legged position and eats her pussy. Maddy lies on her back and he porks her fast. She takes an intense, tit-shaking cowgirl ride. He dangles her upside down in a standing 69. Positioning Maddy bent over a chair, he cunt-slams her from behind. Prince pushes her head down and coats her face with ball batter.

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Scene 3 – Alektra Blue (@clubalektrablue) & Evan Stone (@Evanstonexxx)

BAIF s3-1

Alektra Blue is held captive in a birdcage. Evan Stone taunts her and smacks her through the bars. He slides his dick into the cage and she wraps her lips around him. He lets her out of the birdcage and leads her by her collar, then resumes fucking her face. He pulls down her tights and enters her twat from behind. Alektra tastes her cunt juices on his dick. Evan pummels her pussy in mish as she grips her breasts. He whips Alektra’s boobies with his woody, then tittyfucks her. She mounts him reverse cowgirl, her tights pulled down to her knees, and gives a fast grinding fuck. They spoon fuck with her twat squeezing him tight. He pistons in and out from head to root in doggie style. They finish off in mish. Evan shoots a fountain of jism across Alektra’s face, then leads her back to her cage.

BAIF s3-2

Scene 4 – Brandy Aniston (@BrandyAniston) & Barry Scott (@BarryScott_xxx)

BAIF s4-1

Brandy Aniston cowers against the wall of her cell, shaking with fright. Barry Scott smacks her and chokes her, then carries her to the X shaped restraint on the wall and secures her. He gropes her twat through her panties, pulling her underwear cruelly up her furry cleft. He fingers Brandy deeply and makes her suck them clean of her own cunt juice. She gets a wand pressed hard against her clit and then shoved in her mouth. Barry sticks his dick in Brandy’s mouth and twitches it forcefully all over her. He shoves his hand between her lips, then smears her face with her own slobber and smacks her big pierced titties. He ramrods her snatch, slamming in and out of her slit while pulling her hair. He gags Brandy with her own underwear. He dominates her totally, holding her eyes open so that we only see the slits. He spreads her cunt almost painfully wide and fingers her deeply. Brandy assumes the piledriver position with her head on the floor and ass in the air, and he jackhammers his cock deep inside. He gives her a rough and tumble doggie style fuck. Barry jets his spunk all over Brandy’s face, then forces his dick in her mouth so she can suck him clean.

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DVD Details

Release Date: August 18, 2014. Running Time: 2:03. Studio: Deviant Entertainment.

Directed By: Brandy Aniston (@BrandyAniston)

Review By: Pornvert

Twitter: @Pornvert


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