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Cindy Queen Of Hell


October 17th 2016

Folks, I don’t know about you, but this is the film I have been waiting my whole life for (and of course it would be Burning Angel to bring it to life). Is there any more prefect combination than Satan and smut? Joanna shares director duties with Xander Corvus, giving him his first director credit and what a way to start. We saw a glimmer of what was to come if we go back through Xander’s more recent scenes for Burning Angel. I feel I have mentioned them enough when they happened, so make sure to check them out (I’m sure you can find the reviews on here and see what I mean). The film istelf boasts a who’s who of Burning Angel hotness featuring Joanna Angel, Anna Bell Peaks Ophelia Rain, Nikki Hearts, Lily Lane, Sarah Jessie and Leigh Raven as the title character Cindy. There is group fuckery with girl on girl loving (most notably Leigh and Nikki in a hot fourway that includes Anna Bell Peaks… can you say ‘Schwing’!?!), sexual offerings to Satan (in the form of Lily Lane), plots to take over Hell and a healthy dose of family togetherness (Joanna, Xander and Leigh) along with a quite humorous flashback to the eighties. Oh and Small Hands plays Leviathan. There is a lot that I find humorous about this, but that’s probably just me. So basically there is something for everyone all in one film. Folks, this is a true masterpiece in adult cinema worthy of many accolades as well as your money. You all need to go buy a copy of this fine film. It is definitely one to watch many times, and trust me you will. I’m thinking I may pick up a few extra copies. Xmas is coming and this would be the perfect gift from me to all my smut loving friends. To sum it up, this is a fantastic film and a remarkable effort from the first time directing duo of Joanna Angel and Xander Corvus. Please, for the love of all things unholy, bring us more.

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 10
A/V Club 10
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 10

What Burning Angel Tells Us About Cindy Queen Of Hell

Descend Into Hell

Raven (Joanna Angel, got knocked up by the devil (Xander Corvus) and 21 years later she must tell her daughter Cindy (Leigh Raven) the truth about her father. Cindy is presented with the choice: remain on Earth or be the next ruler of Hell! Follow Cindy’s voyage through the underworld filled with debaucherous demon sex and see her take fate into her own hands! – Burning Angel


A Walk Through The Scenes

Joanna Angel, Small Hands, Xander Corvus

To open the film, we see Cindy (Leigh Raven) walking down the street as a soapbox preacher spews his jesus loving Satan fearing rhetoric. A couple untimely deaths occur in Cindy’s wake (yes, this is before the opening credits, making this a winner in my book) as she makes her way home. Once there her ma (Joanna Angel) wishes her a happy birthday and Leigh explains the events on the way home. Joanna chugs her drink and begins to explain about Cindy’s dad.

Flashback to the early 80’s in a gothic night club on Halloween (with many cameos by your favorite Burning Angels). Jessie Lee plays the MC and announces the next band who come ‘straight from Hell,’ The Ninth Circle (killer band name by the way). We are then treated to a performance of an original composition (written by Xander Corvus and Small Hands) of “Wake Up In Hell” (please tell me this will receive a proper release) performed by Xander on vocals, Small Hands on Guitar, Nikki Hearts on Bass and J Handler on Drums. Folks, folks, folks.. adult ENTERTAINMENT, remember. Back stage after the performance Xander and Small Hands discuss on a couch when Joanna makes her way back. The banter is playful and actually quite humorous as Joanna convinces Xander and Small Hands (as we find out, the Devil and Leviathan respectively). A wild and raucous double teaming of Joanna by the demonic due ensues with the guys switching holes before moving on to a session of double penetration. Joanna looks great (as always) as she takes them on ending with Small Hands popping off on her stomach and Devil Xander leaving his demon seed inside of her.

Unimpressed and maybe a tad grossed out by her ma’s story Leigh pulls out her phone and asks Eerie (HA! nice) where to find Lucifer. Eerie gives her the info about a Satanic ritual happening that night.

Lily Lane, Tommy Pistol, Owen Grey, Gage Sin

We find Lily Lane laying out in a white gown with three cloaked guys behind her. Tommy Pistol plays the part of priest with Owen Grey and Gage Sin as his minions. As Tommy attempts to perform the ritual, a bit of comedy between the group breaks out. While I was able to laugh at the jokes, I found the ‘mockery’ of the ritual a little discomforting. Not enough to put me off, just enough to make me mention it. Though I will admit I have never had Lily Lane on my altar, so these guys must be doing something right. The ritual complete, the begin the ‘devilish groping’ and all four lose their clothes for a bit of fuckery. Forever one of my Burning Angel crushes, Lily takes on all three of them with unmatched savage energy. Double fisting cocks with another in her mouth, having all three holes plugged at once and not to mention taking two dicks in her slit with a third in her ass, Lily Lane once again delivers a performance of unbridled sexual fury that will stay with you, constantly nagging you to watch it again. Maybe it had something to do with the ritual. Maybe that was the goal. If so; it fucking worked! Let’s have another go with this one, folks.

Anyway, Leigh runs into Xander, post ritual in an awkward exchange of ‘I’m your daddy.’

Sarah Jessie, Small Hands

Back in Hell (the use of a green screen to create the background is truly spectacular) Small Hands have a discussion with Hecate (Sarah Jessie) about Xander and Leigh and the future of Hell. She uses her body to her advantage as she tries to sway him into her way of thinking. They kiss and caress as she gets him out of his clothes to give him a suck leading to a bit of the old 69. Bending over, Sarah takes a pounding from behind before going to the floor for a quick mish fuck and a wild cowgirl ride. A spoon fuck and another go from behind finds Sarah on top once more for another cowgirl ride before a finishing go in mish.

The sex had, Sarah continues her talk with Small Hands…

Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven, Anna Bell Peaks, Chad Alva

Back home, Joanna wakes a sleeping Leigh and she discusses her ‘dream.’ Joanna and Xander have a discussion which finds Leigh on a solo journey to Hell.

She appears (looking less the college girl and more the unholy temptress) as Anna Bell Peaks and Nikki Hearts are in the midst of tormenting Chad Alva. The girls freak out at the oppourtunity to meet her and explain what they are doing and offer to let her help. A few more strikes with the flogger and they let him up and a super hot group fuck session starts. I have come to love watching any scene featuring Leigh and Nikki together. You can feel their connection radiating from the screen. Adding Anna Bell to the group just makes it more fun. The girls use their slave to their advantage while also pleasuring each other. Nikki brings out a strap-on for a bit to give Anna Bell a pounding from behind. They lick, suck and fuck each other and Leigh takes the face full in the end with Nikki and Anna Bell licking her face clean. What a hot fucking scene! You all need to experience this for yourself!

The girls have a talk before Leigh goes home. She walks in on Joanna and Xander in a bit of BDSM play. As the awkwardness subsides, the three of them go to hell.

Ophelia Rain, Joanna Angel, Xander Corvus

As it turns out, there is a spa in hell and Ophelia Rain is the masseuse. Sign me up for a one way ticket to Hell and book me a day (or two…or three…fuck it…eternity) in the spa please! After some dialogue and a joke or two, Ophelia climbs on top of Xander for some kissing, working her way down and giving him a wet suck as Joanna joins her. Knowing this is the last scene, one cannot be more grateful at the outcome. Joanna and Ophelia take on Xander in a great threeway. Both girls take turns sucking him off before focusing on each other. Both girls take a pounding (both vaginally and anally) while continuing to love on each other. The highlight for me being Joanna putting on a strap-on for a double penetration of Ophelia Rain. This is a fantastic scene and a memorable highlight to end the film on.

The story doesn’t end here so be sure to stick around…


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