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NSN-0405-14_colour-small-pink_box2_low-680x680I did a little cheer when I first unboxed the 5″ hot pink Colours dildo. I swear, New Sensations Novelties knows me so well. First my new favorite butt buddy and now probably my absolute favorite dildo to stock and sell. If the next toy they send my way is part of the Bare Bondage line, I’m going to use my review to propose.

Even through all my excitement, I managed to keep Colours on my closet shelf for weeks. I’m hardly a one brand woman and didn’t want my other flames to suspect NS and I were getting too serious (but we are, baby. We are.) More importantly, I’d recently reviewed a similar toy and I was afraid I wouldn’t have much new to say.

I was wrong.

Colours Pleasures dildos come in four colors (pink, black, purple, and blue) and two sizes (5″ and 8″.) These toys aren’t the muted semi-pastels you’re used to. They are vibrant and gorgeous. All sex toys should be so visually stimulating.

Colours are cast from superior grade silicone and are absolutely heavenly to touch. They have that fantastic combination of flexibility and firmness that means so much. They’re high quality toys at a reasonable price point. And also? Gorgeous.

So, anyway, I lay back and prepared, at long last, to enjoy my new toy. I had only just begun when an idea occurred to me–the suction cup!

The suction cup base is sort of like the taint of sex toys. It’s hidden beneath the balls and often overlooked, but a source of great pleasure if you take the time to explore it. Colours has it, as does my Kingpin and a ton of other toys. Not only does a suction cup make a dildo harness compatible, it allows you to attach it to a surface and ride it.

That isn’t something I normally do. It’s honestly seemed like quite a lot of trouble. I have no qualms about incorporating cardio into sex with an active partner, but I’m less concerned about my dildo’s pleasure. (Sorry, NS Novelties. I hope that doesn’t interfere with our future.) Tonight, however, was the perfect opportunity to mix it up.

Here’s the thing about dildos and the shower wall: You’ve got to know where to put them. Right next to the soap dish, I found, is not an optimal place. Too high or too low also won’t do you any favors. You must take into consideration not only your own height but the curve of your partner. Then you must apply the perfect amount of moisture to the cup and press that dude right where you want him. When you’re done, you might consider using a bath crayon to draw an chalk outline around that perfect spot. Or not, because maybe that’s creepy.

Here’s another thing about dildos and the shower wall: A straight dildo attached to an unmovable surface is capable of reaching spots once reserved for curved dongs. Letting the wall do the work took a lot of pressure, literally and figuratively, off of my wrist. I actually gained a lot of control by relinquishing a little to my shower wall.

Here’s one final thing about dildos and the the shower wall: Oh the places you can go! Not having your hand on the toy really can bring a fantasy to life and make the experience more realistic. I found it easier than ever to surrender myself to my thoughts and it absolutely intensified my experience.

So, as it turns out, the little bit of cardio is well worth the trouble. Colours taught me that experimenting with your sex toys is just as important as experimenting with your partner. For his part, he stayed securely attached to the wall and offered the perfect amount of resistance to my movements. It was almost like being with a real guy–a neon pink, silicone, gorgeous guy.

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