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Daddy Issues 2 – Digital Sin



Kacy Lane, Caroline Ray, Jade Jantzen, Natalie Monroe, Mark Wood, Evan Stone, and Alec Knight

What Digital Sin Tells Us About “Daddy Issues 2”


It’s your lucky day, because these horny stepdaughters have major daddy issues! Kacy Lane, Caroline Ray, Jade Jantzen and Natalie Monroe express their longtime lust for their stepdads in the most seductive way possible. For these girls, daddy issues run hard and deep! – Digital Sin

So apparently, I’ve let my qualms about the whole “fauxcest” thing go. Not saying the whole thing doesn’t still creep me out just a tad, but this is actually some hot shit right here. Jade Jantzen has a wet encounter in the shower with Evan Stone leading to a hot romp on the bed. Cutie Caroline Ray seduces Alec Knight into bed through logic and blackmail. Kacy Lane gets a lesson in sex from Evan Stone in an almost too believable scene. Natalie Monroe wakes Mark Wood for a Father’s Day he’s not likely to soon forget. All in all this is a pretty solid film. Not a bad scene here, and not too many technical issues. I would say giving this 3 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5 is appropriate.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Jade Jantzen (@JadeJantzenXxx) & Evan Stone (@Evanstonexxx)


Jade is standing at the window watching her stepdad, Evan Stone, come home from work. She waits for him to get in the shower then strips off her shorts to join him. She surprises him in the shower and starts kissing him and trying to get a hold of his dick. He thwarts her attempts for a second, then caves, grabbing at her tits. She gets on her knees to take a mouthful of cock and stroke him. He stands her up and she faces the wall allowing him access to her forbidden parts from behind. He pounds into her while she braces the wall as the shower continues to run over them. Heading into the bedroom dripping wet, Jade lays back on the bed and Evan takes a good long taste of her wet pussy. She gets on top of him for some cowgirl then goes back down for another helping of cock. They spoon while she rubs her clit. He takes her from behind while holding her down. She takes another mouthful before he takes her for some slow, deep and hard mish. He rocks her and blows his load on her stomach.


Caroline Ray (@xCarolineRay) & Alec Knight (@Alecknightxxx)


So Alec Knight is in the shower and Caroline Ray comes in to use the facilities. He jumps her about coming in while he’s in the shower. She leaves with a look of satisfaction on her face. The next day (I’m assuming here) he’s back in the shower and Caroline comes in, takes her shorts off and begins rubbing herself and moaning. Alec, again jumps her about coming in the bathroom while he’s in there, but she cuts him off by grabbing his dick and sliding it down her throat. She gives him a few good licks and tugs before grabbing her shorts and walking out smiling. They meet up in the kitchen for a good conversation about right and wrong, computer porn, and blackmail. Who would have thought that this talk would lead to kissing and a move to the bedroom. He goes down and gets her wet with a few good licks then lays back and she gags while bruising her throat with his dick. She gets on top for some vocal cowgirl before attempting to once again swallow his cock whole. She gets on him for some bouncing reverse followed by some deep spooning. She goes ass up for doggy and he rams his pole into her until he explodes all over her back and ass.


Kacy Lane (@Kacylanexxx) & Evan Stone


Evan is sitting on the couch relaxing when Kacy Lane comes down the stairs and sits next to him. They have a discussion about sex and he tells her to do it with someone she trusts. She informs him that she trusts him. There is some awkward laughing and she kisses him and rubs him through his pants. She then begins to show him what she knows, by unzipping his pants and taking a mouthful of dick and gagging it down to the base. Now it’s time to teach her the rest. She lays on her back and he slips a finger in and licks and sucks her pussy. He holds her head down on his shaft making sure her throat feels his presence and lays back down to spoon. He fills her face again, holding her in place, before bending her over and giving it to her doggy. She gets on top and rides him in reverse before getting another mouthful. She lays back on the couch and Evan buries his face between her legs making her squirm. He then takes her in some intense mish followed by another throat fucking. He goes back to pumping her in mish and leaves her stomach a sticky mess in the end. Oh my gods, I need a shower. This scene is so sweet, that it’s dirty. Kacy was the perfect performer in this role. She plays innocent and naïve so damn well, you honestly believe it’s her first time. Fucking hell. When the time comes, this shit right here is going to get some nominations, no doubt in my mind.


Natalie Monroe (@ItsNatalieXXX) & Mark Wood (@MarkWoodXXX)


Mark is sleeping and Natalie Monroe comes in with a cup of coffee to wake him. It’s Father’s Day and she offers to do guy stuff with him. He constantly tells her to put some clothes on as she ain’t wearing much. She realizes that he’s wearing even less and tries to get in bed with him. He keeps telling her it’s inappropriate. But, as with all the previous scenes, the attempt to shoo the girl away is abandoned quickly. Usually right about the time the girl gets her hand around his dick. She gives him a few strokes before taking him in her mouth. She gets on top for some cowgirl then gives him another suck. He gets behind her for some doggy that has her whimpering before shifting to spoon. She gives him another blowjob while rubbing herself, then gets on top in reverse before laying back and getting her pussy licked. He pumps her in mish then flips her over for more doggy. He rolls her over and shoots his load on her face and tongue.




DVD Details

Release Date: July 24th, 2014. Running Time: 1:47. Studio: Digital Sin


Directed By: @mreddiepowell

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