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Daddy Loves My Rosebud – Desperate Pleasures


Kate England, Camille Black

What Desperate Pleasures Tells Us About Daddy Loves My Rosebud

“Daddy-daughter ass sex!

Dear Diary: I started having really sexual dreams involving my daddy that were pretty disturbing at first. I even started fantasizing about daddy when I would masturbate and now I want to make them come to life. Is there something wrong with me?

Dear Diary: My fantasies became overpowering so I let my grades slip to give Daddy a reason to punish me. Just like in my dream Daddy spanked me and I took the plunge, grabbing his cock through his jeans. Before he could protest I had his throbbing cock in my mouth. Daddy tried to stop me but what man can control himself with an 18 year old’s mouth on their cock?

Daddy has always looked at me kind of lustfully so I decided to use it to my advantage and hatched a pretty kinky plan to get him to reactivate my expense account.

I got dressed in some sexy lingerie and went into the living room when I knew daddy was alone. He chastised me for the outfit, even though he was staring at my tits, and I boldly grabbed his pants telling him I’d get my account back. Daddy tried to protest but his hard cock betrayed him when I pulled it from his pants.

When my lips wrapped around his shaft Daddy couldn’t protest any longer so I straddled his cock and began to ride him. Daddy still wouldn’t give in to my demands so I got him excited enough to take control and pound my fertile pussy til he exploded. After he came in me I explained my devious plan and Daddy slapped me across the face. He’s gonna do it now for sure.” — Desperate Pleasures

DLMR Title

Incest and anal sex is the promise made by Desperate Pleasures in Daddy Loves My Rosebud. Starring blonde hot young thing Kate England and tattooed pinup babe Camille Black, this title is a real guilty pleasure that’s a lot of fun to watch. It simply feels raw and wrong throughout, and I completely enjoyed that! I also like that the scenes proceed at a fast pace–at just under an hour, this isn’t a long title, but I also never had periods of “attention drift” that I sometimes do in marathon porn scenes. The voiceover “Dear Diary” narration added a lot to the movie as well. The sex was very hot–exactly what I expected out of two lovelies like Camille and Kate. Did I mention that there were three great creampies, two of them anal? Hot fucking damn, exactly what I love to see! With lots to like and nothing extraneous, Daddy Loves My Rosebud earns a recommended 4 Hard Ons out of 5.

A Walk Through the Scenes

DLMR Chapters

Scene 1 – Kate England (@kateengland21)

DLMR s1-1

Kate England confesses her fantasies of getting ass-fucked by Daddy to her diary. She moves to her bedroom, rubbing her clit round and round. Taking out a wand, she vibrates herself while we see her cock-riding fantasy. The toy and her fantasies bring her to an intense orgasm.

DLMR s1-2

Scene 2 – Kate England & JW Ties (@JWties)

DLMR s2-1

Kate England, in bikini top and short plaid skirt, makes good on her fantasies and takes out JW Ties’ cock to suck. He gives her breasts some oral attention (Kate’s perfect boobies are amazing inspiration for nipple sucking!), then raises her skirt for a taste of her pussy. She straddles him cowgirl, slowly sinking down his dick. He fills Kate’s pussy in reverse cowgirl. She turns to doggie, backing up to meet him. He cums inside Kate’s little twat.

DLMR s2-2

Scene 3 – Kate England & JW Ties

DLMR s3-1

Kate England tempts JW Ties into doing dirty things with her, taking out his cock and sitting on his face in a 69. He slides in her pussy from behind. He lubes up her butt, then sticks his pecker up her booty. Kate lies back with her legs in the air, getting buggered in mish. She turns to her side. He pops in Kate’s tight butt, and we get a lovely shot of her spunk-oozing orifice.

DLMR s3-2

Scene 4 – Camille Black (@CamilleBlackxxx) & JW Ties

DLMR s4-1

Camille Black seduces JW Ties, slurping down his cock as he fingers her cunt. She mounts him cowgirl, sticking him in her twat and stroking away. He grabs Camille’s lovely titties as she fucks him reverse cowgirl. He plows her from behind, cumming inside the inked hottie. Camille spreads her cunt to let his splooge trickle out.

DLMR s4-2

Scene 5 – Camille Black & JW Ties

DLMR s5-1

Camille Black pulls down JW Ties’ pants, sucking away at his cock. She rides him cowgirl, stroking up and down his prick with her ass. Turning to reverse, she goes for a fast paced buggering. He plunders Camille’s rectum doggie style. She takes an ass-to-mouth face and titty fucking, then lies back with feet flying in the air to get her browneye stuffed. He cums in Camille’s ass, leaving her with cream dripping down.

DLMR s5-2

Special Features & Extras

DLMR Extras


DLMR Cover

DVD Details

Release Date: February 16, 2015. Running Time: 0:58. Studio: Desperate Pleasures.

Directed By: JW Ties (@JWties)

Review By: Pornvert

Twitter: @Pornvert


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