Deadly Rain – Brazzers

Deadly Rain: A ZZ Original Series

Brett Brando


May 2nd 2016

Just shy of a Romi Rain showcase, Brazzers releases Deadly Rain: A ZZ Original Series. Starring Romi as an assassin (get it…Deadly Rain) in four out of the five scenes, this film is just that; a film. Playing out like a major motion picture with the added benefit of hardcore fucking, the story line draws you in and the cast can actually act. There is a fine line when trying to produce a film of this caliber. Do you focus more on the plot, or do you remember that ultimately making porn and focus on the fuckery? This film rides the fence brilliantly, delivering healthy doses of both without taking away from either. The story is great (I probably give too much away below, sorry) and you get to see Romi Rain spend most of the film in a black catsuit. Adding the gorgeous Allie Haze (truly fantastic in her role) and Peta Jensen (I wish she had a bigger role) to the list only makes the film that much more enjoyable. Comprising of four episodes with a total of five scenes, Deadly Rain is a highly enjoyable watch. My only real complaint is the unnecessary use of slow motion at times. I admit that here and there it proves artistic, but it seems a bit overused. Romi has always been at the top of my list of performers to watch, as she constantly delivers high energy scenes. You can tell she enjoys her work and her intensity level is through the roof. Any fan of Ms.Rain needs to have this film in their collection. It shows off her great skill set including her acting abilities. The same goes for any fan of high quality film making. This is a must own film. And If I may make a suggestion Brazzers and director Brett Brando, I personally would love to see a sequel… Deadly Haze maybe…

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 10
A/V Club 9
Box Appeal 9.5
Cum Again 10

What Brazzers Tells Us About Deadly Rain

Romi Rain is the coldest cum-hungriest assassin in the San Fernando Valley. Horny but deadly, this hot hit woman uses every tool she’s got to get the job done. But when her boss wants her gone, Romi has to fight, flee and fuck on a whole new level. – Brazzers

A Walk Through The Scenes

Romi Rain, Jessy Jones

Our story opens with a beautiful Romi Rain tied to a chair surrounded by a group of guys in what appears to be a garage. Jessy Jones gives her a bit of interrogation, attempting to get info from her. Instead she offers to suck his cock. Now, I don’t know about you but, I could do with out info, I mean given the option. Anyway… He kicks the group out and with her hands behind her back, Romi slurps down his dick, drool and slobber going everywhere. Folks, there is sucking a dick, and then there is Romi Rain sucking a dick. Trust me there is a difference. She spouts off dirty talk between mouthfuls that only come across more depraved by the strings of saliva hanging from her lips and chin. He fucks her face and tits before popping off on her face. Next thing we know, Romi is free and she takes out Jessy. This is a pretty great scene that sets the tone well and leaves you wondering what will come next.

But wait… This episode is not over…

Allie Haze, Peta Jensen

Cut to Allie Haze and Peta Jensen making out. Peta is already in a partial state of undress while Allie pins her against the wall in a passionate caressing session. Peta sets up a camera pointing to the bed as the girls finish working each others clothes off. Allie is the first to receive gratification as Peta Licks and fingers her from behind. Laying her back Peta continues licking Allie’s pussy and ass wildly. Peta rides Allie’s face while slipping her a finger before turning around for some super hot 69 action. Allie gets up on the headboard for Peta to lick her ass again. Allie uses a lamp for balance and all but knocks it over. Allie holds Peta, giving her an intense fingering before getting her on all fours to lick her from behind. Ending with a kiss, Allie heads to the shower as Peta lays on the bed, basking in euphoria. Romi burst into the room and takes out Peta. Allie makes a call… It seems she was a former assassin as well and Romi was hired to kill her friend as a message.

Romi Rain, Stallion

The second episode picks up where the first left off, with Allie on the phone. We find out it was Stallion that she was speaking to, when Romi walks in. A bit of conversation gets Romi’s tits out as she gives herself a rubdown, seducing her boss. Bending over the desk, Romi tears her suit open exposing her amazing holes. Proving her mastery of dirty talk, she spews filth like a pro as she crawls to Stallion and frees his cock and gives him a fantastic suck. Hoping onto the desk on all fours, she takes a pounding from behind, during which she lights up a cigarette, taking only a few drags before tossing it aside. I for one found this quite hot. As she bends over the desk she picks her smoke back up for a few more drags. Moving on to the desk, she rides him reverse making me wish she was still smoking at this point. They make their way across the room to a bookcase for a standing fuck before moving to the couch for another go from behind. The bookcase becomes useful as balance for another standing fuck. Back on the couch sets the scene for some cowgirl and mish. He carry fucks her back to the desk for some side entry and a finishing suck. As they dress, they both enjoy a smoke and Allie walks in. Stallion informs them that they will be working together. This is a great scene that shows just how dynamic Ms.Rain is. Her energy never waivers and she delivers a fantastic performance utilizing the whole room.

Romi Rain, Allie Haze, Toni Ribas

Episode three starts off with Romi and Allie getting ready at a strip club. Romi in black, Allie in white. As they take the stage, this is a lot of “oh my god” going on in my head. Both girls look amazing and their performance feel like an added bonus to the film. Like, it wasn’t necessary to the scene and it could have been implied, but I am so glad they included it. It just shows Brazzers willingness to go above and beyond for their fans. Allie helps Toni Ribas to a table before the dance and he has himself a smoke as he watches the show. Romi and Allie move on from stripping to some great girl on girl loving including some phenomenal double-ended dildo play. Toni decides to join in on the fun bu offering Allie his cock. Not to be left out, Romi Joins and the girls take turns slurping down his shaft while pleasuring each other. Trying to keep you enlightened to the fuckery would be a near impossible task, so let me just tell you that this is really fucking hot and Allie steals the show in my opinion. The energy flows high as the three of them pleasure each other in a scene that you truly just have to see. The plot starts to twist here as well.

Romi Rain, Mick Blue, Toni Ribas, Stallion

Romi chokes out Mick Blue to start the final chapter. Keeping him tied in a chair, Romi lines up her shot out the window when Stallion comes in and tears her suit apart to dip his dick into her from behind. Naturally, she loses her shot and ultimately sets the gun aside giving in to Stallion’s plunging. Toni Ribas wanders in and Romi has a momentary freak out before climbing up to ride Stallion cowgirl. Toni frees Mick and Romi invites them to join. As with the previous scene, it would be an exercise in pointlessness trying to fill you in on the goings on. But I will say that with three dicks vying for attention, no hole is left unplugged. Now, as you suspect, the story line does not end as the last guy pops. But, you’re gonna have to buy the film and watch it for yourself to see how it turns out.