DysFUCKtional Family Reunion – Burning Angel

DysFUCKtional Family Reunion


April 20th 2016

Folks, I hate to break it to you, but I am giving you none of the story here, for two reasons. One: I could not do this justice; and two: You really just need to see it for yourself. Trust me on this one. If I give away this story, before you go out a buy it (and you will go out and buy it), it won’t hit you as hard. Folks, I was laughing pretty fucking hard as this story opens. Joanna plays her role to perfection and Tommy Pistol is a comedic genius. Small Hands is a riot. Amber Ivy is more beautiful every I see her and she is smoking in this film. Xander Corvus is badass as always and his rocking a Leviathan sigil on his shirt made made me want to throw my horns up. Veronica Rose is absolutely gorgeous (really wish I saw her more often) and Tommy Gunn offers a quite humorous performance in the final scene. To sum all this up, DysFUCKtional Family Reunion is one fantastic addition to the Burning Angel catalog and a fantastic addition to your collection as well. Funny as fuck and sexy as hell. I wish I could tell you more than that but any more and I would spoil it for you. Just trust me when I tell you that you need to go buy this film…like yesterday! You will watch this many, many times.

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 10
A/V Club 10
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 10

What Burning Angel Tells Us About DysFUCKtional Family Reunion

Joanna Angel’s latest Family Role-Play creation fuses her signature comedic style and Taboo Relations for one twisted tale of debauchery and Anal Sex. Family Reunions will never be the same again! – Burning Angel

A Walk Through The Scenes

Joanna Angel, Bill Bailey

Joanna takes Bill into the kitchen, where they pleasure each other orally before a standing fuck. More oral and it’s on to the counter, where Joanna rides cowgirl and reverse. A spoon fuck leads to an anal spoon fuck before a deep anal pounding from behind where he jerks onto Joanna’s perfect ass. A great opening scene.

Amber Ivy, Tommy Pistol

Amber Ivy swallows down Tommy’s cock before riding him cowgirl (allowing us a wonderful view of her great ass). He gives her a lick before a nice spoon fuck and a fantastically captured ride in reverse. A pounding from behind (fuck, she has a nice ass) and another go in cowgirl before he jerks onto her face. Another great scene!

Veronica Rose, Small Hands

Veronica Rose and Small Hands kiss and grope on a lawn chair before he drops trou and she gives him a suck. She takes a fantastic ride in reverse before he dips into her from behind. She rides cowgirl and reverse again (!!!). They go for a little spoon fucking, some mish and more cowgirl before another deep pounding from behind where he pops off on her ass. This scene was pretty great. I love and outdoor scene and a scene that shows off a great ass; and this one gave us both!

Amber Ivy, Xander Corvus, Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn walks in on Amber and Xander talking, and after a quite humorous bit of dialogue, Amber gives Tommy a suck while Xander buries his face between her legs. She double fists cock before taking a rigorous pounding from behind from Xanders while getting a mouthful of Tommy. Spinning her around, the guys switch holes a couple times before Tommy has a go at her ass. Not to be left out, Xander takes a dip into her back door as well before she rides him cowgirl while Tommy revisits her ass. Switching to reverse, she rides Xander while sucking off Tommy. Xander has another go from behind while she gives Tommy another suck before taking a double load to the face. Fantastic closing scene to a great fucking film.


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