* What name would you like us to refer to you as?

* Where are you from?

* Age?

* What do you have for tattoos and how many hours have you put into them?
I have a black widow spider on my back right side, a voodoo doll on my back left side, and on my stomach I have a star. I also have a cat with a moon in a cake on my left hip, and on one leg I have a cat and mouse, and on the other, I have a swallow with a ribbon that says ‘drug free’ and on my chest, I have two blue diamonds. I think I have about 34 hours of work put into my tattoos.

* Any piercings?
Yes, 2. A Monroe piercing and my tongue.

* How did you get your start in modeling?
I have always taken pictures of all kinds, naked, makeup smeared, in pajamas, having sex, kissing things, licking things, and around March 2010 I got my first set on the internet. :) I really liked it, and since then, I continued doing it, as well as working as a webcammer and alt model for pics and videos.

* How long have you been in the adult industry?
I’ve been on adult webcam sites for five years, and have worked for three years as a model for alt porn.

* What are some of your past projects?
Some of my previous projects include a site called Lazerbunny, which was an amateur ensemble. My second project was a Brazilian website for which I am still a model for today. I also had the opportunity to do two videos for a place to buy videos of faces of pleasure. I have also been working for 5 years on adult webcam sites.

* Do you have any upcoming projects?
I own my own business, a video chat adult company, which handles several beautiful models. They also wish to join the world of alt porn. I also have a project to create my own personal payment site.

* What type of music do you listen to and who is your favorite band or artist?
I like listening to punk, hardcore and grindcore. My favorite bands are Walls Of Jericho, Agnostic Front, Exploited and Hatebreed.

* What are some of your hobbies?
I like to take photographs, play with my cats, play computer games, take walks and eat.

* Are you into video games? Which system(s) and any favorite games?
I like games for pc, Doom 3, Dead Island, San Andreas, and any games where you have to kill zombies… I love killing zombies! lol :)

* Favorite sport(s) and any favorite team(s)?
I love Muay Thai.

* Favorite type of movie and favorite all-time movie?
I like horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, Fashion Hell, Exorcist, really anything that has a lot of bullets, blood, zombies, and death. :)

* Favorite type of food and favorite meal?
I like spaghetti, frappe’ coffee, rice with chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken.

* Favorite alcoholic drink?
I’m straight edge, no alcohol consumption or drug use.

* Who are your heroes or who do you look up to?
Powerful girls. :)

* Measurements?
37 – 29 – 37

* Craziest wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex?
In the bathroom of a mall.

* Do you prefer to make love or just fuck?
Make love.

* Favorite sexual position?

* Biggest turn on and biggest turn off?
I like to have my legs and feet kissed.

* Is there anything that gets you instantly wet (kissing your neck, watching porn, etc)?
Watching porn and touching my pussy with my fingers.

* Have you ever had girl-on-girl sex? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
Yes. I liked girls when I was underage. lol

* Have you ever squirted?
Yes, and far, too!

* Have you ever had group sex (threesome, foursome, etc)?
Not group sex. Only with girls.

* Have you ever masturbated with something uncommon (anything but a toy or fingers)?
With the back of my toothbrush.

* Favorite type of panties?
Brightly colored tights! I like granny panties, which have my ass covered all the time. If you want to see what’s inside, you should take them off. :)

* Do you own any sex toys and which is your favorite?
I have no more toys than my fingers!

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