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Agency profile:

* What name would you like us to refer to you as?

* Where are you from?
Vancouver, BC Canada

* Age?

* What do you have for tattoos and how many hours have you put into them?
I have my fingers, 3/4 sleeve both arms, left thigh piece, left back thigh piece, one on my left knee, ankle, right shoulder blade, lower back, upper back, toes, stomach, and sternum tattooed. .. over 50 hours I would guess!

* Any piercings?
Just my lower lip

* How did you get your start in modelling?
I was a mortgage broker for a very long time at a young age, and woke up one morning and decided that I needed to pursue my passions, my artistic and creative sides of my personality.

* How long have you been in the adult industry?
6 months only!

* What are some of your past projects?
I do solo and couples webcam daily, I’ve also made some plans on going over to Asia.

* Do you have any upcoming projects?
The possibilities are endless! I just signed with Maxxx Models Canada, so there should be plenty of interesting new projects coming up soon!

* What type of music do you listen to and who is your favorite band or artist?
Everything except for country.. my favorite genre is rock, and my fave artist is Marilyn Manson

* What are some of your hobbies?
I love to paint, I sell my paintings to friends and requests, I also like to get tattoos, and modelling is my passionate hobby.

* Are you into video games? Which system(s) and any favourite games?
Not at all… sorry folks!

* Favourite sport(s) and any favourite team(s)?
Hockey, Vancouver Canucks

* Favourite type of movie and favourite all-time movie?
Comedy, Pirate Radio – The boat that Rocked

* Favourite type of food and favourite meal?
Everything Italian mmmm!

* Favourite alcoholic drink?
Vodka Waters

* Who are your heroes or who do you look up to?
My family! I love them very much!

* Measurements?

* Craziest wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex?
On top of a mountain!

* Do you prefer to make love or just fuck?
I love both!!

* Favorite sexual position?
I love to be on top and take control – #bossbabe

* Biggest turn on and biggest turn off?
A really confident man, bad breath!

* Is there anything that gets you instantly wet (kissing your neck, watching porn, etc)?
You took the words right out of my mouth – kissing my neck!

* Have you ever had girl-on-girl sex? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
Yes and yes, because women are sexy! What’s not to like?

* Have you ever squirted?
Nope, not yet anyways.

* Have you ever had group sex (threesome, foursome, etc)?
Yes, threesome

* Have you ever masturbated with something uncommon (anything but a toy or fingers)?
Yes… no comment lol

* Favourite type of panties?
Small booty shorts!

* Do you own any sex toys and which is your favorite?
Yes, my glass dildo, it always does the trick and feels great.

* Is there anything else that you would like for our readers to know?
I’m available for photo shoots and videos internationally through my agency. I speak German as well, so Europe is definitely an interesting prospect for me. I’m really optimistic about future projects now that I’ve signed with Maxxx Models Canada. If anyone would like to work with me, please contact my agent through www.maxxxmodels.ca

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